Free demo for the ‘Miitopia’ Switch port now available on the eShop

Miitopia Switch trailer snapshot

The Nintendo eShop is now hosting a free demo of the upcoming Switch port of Miitopia.

Back in February, a launched Nintendo Direct announced the up-and-coming port of the popular 3DS title. Slated for a May 21, 2021 release, Nintendo is giving anticipating players an early experience of the better version of the game. The access to the title coincides the official proclamation via a tweet, stating today, April 27, as the availability date.

Released in 2017, Miitopia is a game involving user avatars called Mii. Players who play the game will star in their own adventure alongside fellow players who are part of said player’s friend’s list. The game follows a narrative culminating to an encounter with the game’s main antagonist, Dark Lord, whom player and company must vanquish.

Improved Version

Those who have played the original 3DS might think they’ve already seen what the game offers. But with the Switch release, improvements are expected. This means that, aside from the ostensive visual improvement driven by better hardware, the game also sees enhancements elsewhere. Notable of which are more customizations and the ability to recruit horses. The latter making for a special highlight with it being unseen from the original.

With its release, players will get to experience one of a handful of titles that feature the iconic avatars. A notion so true to the Nintendo Switch, with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate being the sole and most popular representation. To the unaware, the aforementioned brawler title features Mii characters as Fighters that players can use in-game.

Free Play Experience

Giving fans a taste of the game, the demo will allow interested parties to encounter the early part of Miitopia. Similar to other games with demo before it, players will get to carry over their experience when the game gets full launch. This is basically Nintendo’s way of enticing players to try the game and decide from there whether to continue the involvement.

As any starting experience, part of the early encounter involves players creating their own avatar. Which makes for a familiar but awfully lacking feature in the Switch outside of the game. Capable of online functionality for sharing, players who are thinking of connecting with others will require an active Nintendo Switch Online subscription.

Switch-exclusive Contents

Earlier, it was mentioned that part of the game’s improvements includes more options for customization and the appearance of horses. Drawing from these two elements, players will get to receive some Switch-exclusive contents, like aesthetics and an initial horse.

Pretty interesting indeed even for players who previously had experience with Miitopia back in the 3DS.

Image used courtesy of Nintendo/YouTube Screenshot

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