French retailer listed ‘Metroid Prime 4’ with potential October release date

Metroid 4 trailer logo

Samus Aran appears to be making a comeback as a French retailer website, WTT, listed Metroid Prime 4 for the Nintendo Switch. Only for the listing to be mysteriously removed.

According to the post, the game is slated for an October 31, 2020 release. Just a little more than two months as of writing. While seemingly jolly news, especially for the fans, this has to be taken with a grain of salt. This primarily concerns the facts surrounding the project whose disposition makes a 2020 release rather unlikely.

Metroid 4 Development in Hindsight

Originally announced back in 2017, those who were up-to-speed with the scene know that a latest project around Metroid is ongoing. Subsequent revelations following the E3 reveal mentioned of Bandai Namco taking the helm over the project. That is, instead of the original team, Retro Studios, who made the trilogy for the series.

Come 2019, Nintendo dropped a bombshell when it mentioned that the project is starting again from scratch. But also with the disclosure that Retro Studios is once again handling the project. We have not heard about the project since, which only makes the listing stunt the latest information about Metroid 4.

If that last announcement from Nintendo is ever to go by, it’s that Metroid 4 is still not far off in development. Consequently, it makes a 2020 release likely not possible, especially not for a triple-A title, like Metroid, unless it comes off as something rushed, unfinished, or half-baked.

Otherwise, it could mean Retro Studios is beginning the development not necessarily from scratch, as claimed by Nintendo, rather instead continuing on it. This is speculation and goes contrary to Nintendo’s official statement.

Benefit of the Doubt

However, for all the issue’s fault, the entity behind the posting—premature or otherwise—is not necessarily without merit as a probable leaker of legitimate information.

Just a few years ago, the same retailer pulled a stunt that gave a preliminary awareness as to the release of The Witcher 3 on the Switch. A notion that found many naysayers citing the hybrid console’s weaker capability in comparison to other consoles and PC. In essence, a would-be bad port of an otherwise great game. Eventually, a belief that was proven wrong when the game did see its release, albeit expectedly as a water-washed version.

Most recently, WTT also posted another listing that saw information pertaining to the Collector’s edition of Breath of the Wild 2. Which, like its predecessor, did also see a similar version.

Image used courtesy of Nintendo/YouTube Screenshot

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