From video games copying from movies, to games influencing live actions

Action movies and video games are a two-way street as they have both influenced the genre for a long time now.

A lot of action sequences such as Edge of Tomorrow, John Wick, and especially Hardcore Henry have made the connection with hardcore action-filled video games. If you have watched the movie Extraction, you will find Tyler Rakes’ covert mission has gone haywire about halfway.

While catching the bad guys who are a part of the big Bangladeshi racket, Chris Hemsworth delivers a mind-blasting performance.

As the local hitmen find out about Rakes’ mission, gunfires engulf the scene where he has to escape and find an escape route.

Director Sam Hargrave captures the live-action by ensuring car chasing, gun battles, and a mandatory knife fight.

As Rake (Chris Hemsworth) navigates through the crowded maze-like apartments and a bustling street of Bangladesh, the camera focuses on his point of view and how he escapes one fight.

These games have their influence ingrained subconsciously

If you watch any big-budgeted action movie, it will become apparent to you from where the action moves are collected and copied.

Hargrave says that most of the action games that kids play these days have influenced the epitome of fighting scenes in movies. Thus they have adopted the aesthetic and narrative DNA of contemporary RPGs.

Tracing back, the first video games gave an “open-world” view to players to enjoy playing with others. Thanks to the overlapping technologies, a lot of actors have increased their investment into making their movies specific and mastering by nailing every single kick or punch.

Video games have more cinematic and cutting edge software

Video games and their software have become more cinematic and a cutting-edge technology that helps them follow better leads with emerging digital tools.

The ultimate goal for any video game or action movie is to create a complete immersion for viewers. The storytelling needs to be connected so that the audience can feel related to the content.

“It’s going to just continue to allow for a lot of creative specialists and directors to up the ante with action,” he says. “I’m looking forward to it.” – Hargrave 

In the game industry, there is a constant pioneer of introducing better technologies that can help players feel immersed while playing.

But the audience will always herald or criticize them based on how realistic they look. But it always comes down to the point if they have served the content well or not.


Image courtesy of Sky News/YouTube Screenshot

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