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FromSoftware announces major content update for ‘Sekiro’


Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is arguably the best game that 2020 had to offer, and it seems like fans are going to get back to it. Despite being a year old, the game is getting some much-needed updates.

In a surprise announcement, FromSoftware has revealed that there’s going to be a content update for Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice on Oct. 29. The free update will come with several bonuses that are sure to excite fans. Here’s everything that’s coming to the game on Oct. 29.

Gauntlet Of Strength

The Gauntlet of Strength is the biggest part of the update. It’s going to add what is essentially a boss rush mode to the game. When played, players will have to go through all of the game’s bosses consecutively.

One of the defining factors of FromSoftware games is that the bosses are always tough. That goes the same for the title, which has been dubbed as one of the toughest games from the developer.

Once the update arrives, we’re sure that players are going to have fun facing the likes of Lady Butterfly, Genichiro Tachibana, and more all over again.

New forms

The update will also add ‘new forms’ or new skins for the Wolf. FromSoftware has yet to reveal how these new forms can be unlocked, but it’s likely that players will be able to use them from the get-go.

In total, there will be three new forms in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. The two that are confirmed are Tengu and Old Ashina Wolf. We’ve yet to know what the third one is. These new forms are going to have any bonuses or special attributes as they are purely aesthetic.


The game will also have Remnants added to it. It’s 30-second recordings of other players that can be used to guide players in battle. This is used to guide other players into the game.

For instance, the Remnant could show off how a player was able to beat one particular boss in the game. The feature has always been present in some form at other FromSoftware games, so it’s not surprising that it’s her now.

The content update for Sekiro is going to be one of the largest for the game to date. Fans are excited to see it live, and it’s only a few months away before we get the update. It’s a much-welcomed surprise from the developer.

Image used courtesy of Sekiro/Twitter

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