‘Frostpunk’ gets 60% price drop as 11 bit studios unveils final DLC

'Frostpunk' gets a 60% price drop as 11 bit studios unveils final DLC

11 bit studios launched a game trailer for Frostpunk: On The Edge, the final chapter of the popular 2018 title.

The world of strategy games has been making noise once again. After the much-awaited Android version port of Civilization 6, we see another popular title making its rounds once again.

If you’re into post-apocalyptic survival games, you may want to pick up Frostpunk. From the creators of This War of Mineexpect this game to become an emotional roller-coaster.

Aside from its release of the final DLC for the season pass, you can get this game at 60% off Steam at only AU$17.18 until August 27.

A quick recap of the first two Frostpunk DLCs

Should strategy enthusiasts decide on getting this underrated game title, here’s a quick recap of the previous DLCs that 11 bit studios released for Frostpunk in its season pass.

The Rifts DLC that Frostpunk first released focused on adding an Endless Mode map as well as new building and gameplay mechanics.

In the second DLC titled The Last Autumnplayers get to learn more about the tragic events that led to the harsh world of Frostpunk, focusing on a deep prequel storyline.

The game starts with a new environment not yet covered by snow as you build the Generator in preparation for the upcoming winter.

Become a leader in a newly formed Outpost

Frostpunk: On The Edge gives players a couple of new mechanics such as settlements and safe routes. Players take on the role of being a leader of a newly formed Outpost with New London keeping an eye on you.

In addition, this expansion gives more options in developing relations through favors, improvements, trading, and diplomacy. The challenge lies in making good decisions on solving scarce food deliveries and laws enforced by your supervisor.

Only time will tell if the last DLC will get the same positive reception with The Last Autumn having mostly positive reviews. As of this writing, On The Edge has received mixed overall reviews.

Featured image courtesy of Frostpunk/YouTube Screenshot

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