‘Frozen 3’: Possible Elsa’s love interest and live-action adaptation


Fans are still waiting for the future of Frozen 3. Disney has yet to announce the third movie’s coming, but there are strong assumptions that Anna and Elsa will return to the big screen.

Frozen 3 may continue to be an animated series or a live-action movie, which seems to be a trend today. However, it remains to be seen where Disney plans to bring the franchise.

The third film’s possible plotline

The first two Frozen films are a huge success, earning about $2.75 billion at the box office. The amount excludes the merchandise sale, as it seems to be uncountable.

With this feat, it is quite impossible that Disney won’t do another installment. In fact, according to BlockToro, there are reports a third movie is already in production.

If a new movie will push through, Elsa may finally get a romantic partner. However, a huge twist may happen.

It may be more pleasing if Elsa’s love interest also has the same power as her. It may either be an ability to cast ice or fire to make the visuals more stunning.

Frozen 3 may also explore the other Kingdoms around Arendelle. There can also be a big battle happening if Disney will follow its trilogy formula.

If ever the new movie will come to light, the voice actors behind it promise to return. The franchise’s co-director Jennifer Lee teased they would never say no until the possibility of doing a third film remains open.

“We always say never say never, and nothing ever close the door,” she said.

Is it possible to do a live-action film?

Meanwhile, Inside the Magic noted the live-action remake is one of the strongest trends of today.

There is live-action of CinderellaBeauty and the BeastAladdin, and the most recent one is Mulan. There will also be an upcoming live-action adaptation of The Litter Mermaid.

Now, is it possible to have live-action Frozen 3?

Indeed, both Frozen and Elsa and Anna are not part of the Disney Princess lineup, so there may be no live-action adaptation. But with the franchise’s success, it is not far from happening.

It may follow the franchise’s story and, of course, the music. If this happens, fans will again experience the fun adventure of Elsa, Anna, and the rest of the gang in a different way.

If Frozen 3 will remain an animated movie, it may be out in 2022 or 2023 if it will be based on the franchise’s previous releases.

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