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‘Fruits Basket’ Season 3 Episode 6: Will Yuki finally confess his feelings to Machi?


Fruits Basket Season 3 Episode 6, titled “It was so Foolish,” may show Yuki to finally confess his feelings to Machi.

Yuki was ready to reveal his love for Machi, but other members interrupted him when they entered the room. So, will he have the chance to have Machi alone in Fruits Basket Season 3 Episode 6?

New episode theories, spoilers, and more

According to Epic Dope, the new episode may answer the question about Momiji’s comments on his friendship with Akito.

His remark about their relationship was deemed too harsh that surprised everyone. Will this lead to a fight, or will Akito just let it slide?

Momiji has been sad after his curse broke because he likes Tohru, who wants somebody else, Kyo.

As he has to accept his fate, what he will do next will be seen in Fruits Basket Season 3 Episode 6.

Episode 5 recap

Fruits Basket Season 3 Episode 5 showed Mine visited Ayame and asked him what he wanted to eat for dinner.

However, Ayame seemed to be lost, thinking about something. Mine asked him once again the same question but to no avail.

He didn’t give him any answer and even asked her a different question, not related to what she said.

It looked like he was dying to know if Mine would leave him if his curse remained forever, per OtakuKart News.

Mine explained she would be the only one who would decide her fate and what would make her happy.

She then assured Ayame she would not leave him as he was her only happiness. She continued to calm Ayame by saying she was crazy about him and she would stay with him forever.

Elsewhere, Miyako was with Hatori at the book store, and the latter saw she was reading something. He then asked what the book was all about, to which she said about a trip.

Miyako commended the book, saying it might contain great details about a good trip, and she agreed.

She then asked him if he would be going on a journey that made him silent for a moment. He later said that he would not be going anywhere.

What happens next can be seen when Fruits Basket Episode 6 drops on Tuesday, May 11. Fortunately, there will be no break this week, and fans will see their favorite protagonists’ story continue in seven days on Crunchyroll, AnimeLab, and Funimation.

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