Fujifilm and Nintendo release special-themed Instax printer

Fujifilm and Nintendo have partnered up to release an Instax printer to print out fresh portraits from users’ Nintendo Switch. This printer also comes with a quirky, cute case!

Fujifilm’s new gadget

Fujifilm, in association with Nintendo, has released a new Nintendo-themed Instax mini printer. Instax mini printers are compact devices that could print out polaroid pictures directly from smartphones.

The user can send the pictures from the smartphone to the printer via an app. They can also edit, add frames and much more in the app, and send it to the printer via Bluetooth.

Fujifilm has been selling the Instax printer since October 2019. It is very compact and weighs just 200 grams.

Fujifilm claims this device could print out 100 photos in a single charge. This printer can print a photo in 12 seconds. In printing photos, a smartphone has to have an app from Fujifilm to edit the images.

Nintendo-themed printer

Fujifilm has launched an all-new Nintendo-themed Instax mini printer called Instax mini link, a standard edition. This printer comes in Ash White, one of the existing color models of ordinary edition. This special edition has an accent of red and blue to indicate the inspiration from Nintendo joy-con.

Fujifilm also released a new mobile app called Instax mini link for Nintendo Switch. It can send photos from consoles to smartphones by simply scanning a QR code. This new app also has 59 new frames for pictures to choose from and new Nintendo characters and filters.

This app works with standard versions of the Instax mini link too. The app is available for download for android and iOS users. This printer allows users to take printouts of photos taken in games such as Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Super Mario Odyssey, and New Pokemon Snap.

Pokemon Snap is a new photography-oriented game for Nintendo Switch, releasing on April 30.

Affordable price! (and a cute case)

This Instax printer can print your real-life photos too with ease. The company has priced this compact printer at $100. The red and blue special edition will be available for sale on April 30, 2021.

This printer also comes in a special bundle, with an adorably cute special Silicone Pikachu case inspired by the Pokemon series. This special bundle, Instax mini printer with a case, comes at $120. Fujifilm said that the Pikachu case bundle would come “in a limited quantity several weeks after the release of the Mini Link Special Edition.”

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Image courtesy of FUJIFILMjapan/YouTube Screenshot

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