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f(x)’s Krystal sits with 1st Look magazine for an interview


The production facilitated a fall-themed pictorial for f(x) Krystal’s 1st Look magazine cover and an all-out interview where the songstress shared her thoughts towards Search.

Krystal, 25, from the all-girl group f(x), graced 1st Look magazine’s cover for its latest issue. Also, Krystal shared her sentiments and excitement on her new acting stunt on OCN’s Search.

The songstress takes the lead role in the upcoming drama of OCN titled Search. The story is about a specialized team that is assigned to investigate a mysterious place.

The story will have the characters uncover the disappearances and murders in the demilitarized zone.

Krystal plays the character of Son Ye Rim. She is a highly intelligent lieutenant who will be leading the team. She first joined the team as a special officer.

The realism of the character

In the interview, Krystal shared that she was drawn to the reality that her new drama tackles soldiers’ daily lives. Her character as Lieutenant Son Ye Rim made her very attractive as it is a new and exciting world for her.

In preparation for the drama, Krystal met with real soldiers and interviewed them to bring a sense of realism to her character.

Unending positivity

The songstress reflected on her acting career and shared that High Kick: Revenge of the Short Legged remains a treasured memory.

She revealed that she had so much while filming the series. She joined the set for almost nine months and became close with the series’ other actors and production staff.

Krystal tends not to notice the tiredness and exhaustion in filming the series as the vibe on set if just pure warmth and fun.

Her drama Prison Playbook is also special for her for some different reasons. Upon playing a role in the said series, it made her think about being serious about acting.

She learned a lot from her co-stars in the drama. For the time being, Krystal is still in touch with the actors and staff of the production.

Image courtesy of tvN D CLASSIC/YouTube Screenshot

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