G-Dragon’s comeback news creates divisive response from fans

While many fans were astounded with the news that the BIGBANG leader, G-Dragon, will be returning in the spotlight, others seem not happy.

A report broke and made waves on the internet last Monday, November 2, that the BIGBANG leader, G-Dragon, is gearing for a solo comeback.

Many fans shared their excitement to see the singer once again in the spotlight. However, other Korean fans are not pleased.

OSEN reported on November 2 that the BIGBANG’s leader is working on a new solo album. Later on, it was confirmed by YG Entertainment, who commented that G-Dragon is working on new music.

A blast since military service

The comeback of G-Dragon marks his first album release since his mandatory military enlistment. In 2017, he had his solo comeback with Kwon Ji Young, which was a massive success.

The said album topped 36 countries, and to date, it remains the singer’s best-selling album.

It recorded a million-copy sales in just six days, making it the fastest album to do so. Kwon Ji Young also ended up becoming the best-selling album of the year.

BIGBANG bid goodbye to fans in 2018 with the single Flower Road as four of the them-five members joined the mandatory military service.

The enlistment was divulged as the group’s start of a lengthy hiatus. Besides, the song topped the Billboard’s World Digital Service.

In February 2018, G-Dragon entered the military and was discharged in October 2019. It took him over a year before this new release announcement.

Until yesterday, during the information of G-Dragon’s comeback, many dubbed him the original King of K-pop, including media outlets and social media posts.

The netizens response

With several media outlets calling G-Dragon the original King of K-pop, Korean netizens were not impressed. Those who opposed believed that the title ‘King’ is unfit for him.

As netizens support their claims, they brought back the issues of G-Dragon once again, including the 2011 marijuana scandal, where the idol was accused of using marijuana and for testing positive twice.

Some of the netizens who are opposed to the idol said, “King? Did you mean the drug king? Do not overuse the word ‘king’; he does not deserve it.”

Another fan commented, “The return of the real king? LOL, he gets cursed out even more because of articles like this.”

Meanwhile, despite the negativity of some, many have agreed that he has good music.

Image courtesy of BIGBANG/YouTube Screenshot

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