Gal Gadot’s ‘Cleopatra’ biopic casting sparks Twitter debate

Gal Gadot's 'Cleopatra' biopic casting sparks Twitter debate

Gal Gadot is excited about her upcoming biopic, where she will be portraying Cleopatra. But the announcement was met with a debate about the Queen of the Nile’s race and ethnicity.

Gal Gadot will be reuniting with Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins for the Cleopatra biopic. However, many disagreed with Gadot’s casting sparking a debate on Twitter on whether the role was perfect for her or not.

Gal Gadot sparks Twitter debate

Gal Gadot sparked a debate on Twitter after announcing that she will be playing Cleopatra in an upcoming biopic. Many immediately disagreed because, according to them, Cleopatra was of African descent. So, the role should have been offered to a black actress.

Many said they were whitewashing the character. Others called Gadot’s casting a disgrace. Several also claimed that Cleopatra is not a role for Gadot to play.

“Cleopatra is an Egyptian queen, last time I checked you were israeli. Tell me, how do you see yourself fit to play this role? Not your story to tell, not your role to pla,” one commented.

Many were irked with Gadot’s casting because, for them, it’s discrimination to the people of color. It bothers them that a white actress is cast to play a Black a character when there are many Black actors to play the role.

But many also came to Gadot’s defense. According to them, there is no proof that Cleopatra is Black. Other reports claimed that she’s of Greek descent from Macedonia, so she is white.

“Cleopatra wasnt women of ‘color’. She was greek from macedonia. Learn history,” one wrote to address those who criticized Gadot’s casting.

A different user said Cleopatra was Egyptian and Gal Gadot is Israeli. Several agreed that Gadot fits better with Cleopatra’s Greek ancestry.

“Sorry dude Cleopatra wasn’t black so Gal Gadol fits better with the greek ancenstry of cleopatra,” another wrote.

Another said Gadot was just doing her job as an actress and that’s to act. He encouraged those who complained to just do their own movie.

Gadot responded to the backlash

Meanwhile, Gal Gadot seemingly responded to the backlash by explaining that they dropped the announcement during the International Day of the Girl for a reason. She hoped that every woman and girl who aspire to tell their stories won’t give up their dreams.

She also explained that they want to show Cleopatra from a woman’s perspective and in a new light. They wanted to feature the Queen of Egypt on the big screen in a way she has never been seen.


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