Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra: How to pre-order

With a price tags of $1,000 for Galaxy Note 20 and 1,300 for the Galaxy Note Ultra, you can now pre-order these via Amazon

The wait is over! After Samsung’s successful launch last August 5, the Galaxy Note 20 series are now up for pre-order from Amazon. Grab yours now!

Finally, after months of waiting and sneaking into various leaks and tips on what Samsung’s Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra will look like, it has come to an end. We now have the actual look and features of the Korean tech giant’s latest flagships.

How to pre-order the Galaxy Note 20?

According to Android Central, pre-ordering began yesterday. From their website,, people can now pre-order it from Amazon and other retailers.

What’s good for these new Notes is that you will easily notice an improvement on its camera. Some phone enthusiasts can’t contain their excitement on the camera of Note 20 Ultra. With it’s powerful 108 MP primary sensor similar to the Ultra model, the Note 20 Ultra is equipped with laser-assisted autofocus. This will answer the focus issues from S20.

Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra: how to pre-order

The S Pen’s functionality is also worth noting on this device. Both models come in new and vivid colors like Mystic Bronze (Star of the Show), Mystic Green (Gorgeous Green), and Mystic Gray (The Basic Choice).

The Mystic Green and Mystic Gray colors are both priced a bit lower, while the Mystic Bronze is the most sought-after color in the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. Note 20 Ultra colors are Mystic Black and Timeless Mystic White.

Samsung’s new smartphone flagship that comes with a plastic back starting price is $1,000, while the Ulis priced at $1,300.

Various online retailers and authorized resellers have their way of selling these new Note 20 models from their website. Others are giving away freebies or gift certificates.

Samsung offers various options for ordering through their official website. You can pre-order directly from their online stores, other online stores, or you can make in-store reservations.

Which is best suited for you?

If you can’t decide what to order from the Galaxy Note 20 or Ultra, you have the luxury of time to do research. To help you decide which of these two Note 20 phones are best for you, we have listed down some of its specs and features.

Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra: how to pre-order

Image used courtesy of CNET/YouTube Screenshot

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