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Galaxy Note 20 Ultra review: 5 not-so-great features


Despite the grandiosity of the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, there are things that need to be watched closely. But in the total package, the phone is still amazing, and it will keep you from falling in love day after day.

We know for a fact how this pandemic shaped our normal life into less and restricted movements. We were not able to go outside of our home without observing minimum public health measures. We cannot go from one place to another easily as the threat of getting the virus is imminent.

Pandemic effect on the Industry

These are some of the challenges the phone industry is facing right now, with limited mobility and stricter physical movements, so how is the industry coping with the needs of its users?

Well, the odds don’t seem to be taking its toll on tech companies as they are more needed nowadays since the majority are forced to work from their homes. And of them is Samsung’s Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. With its magnificent 6.9-inch display that is packed with high-resolution cameras, you can do a Zoom Meeting or Google Meeting here!

The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra offers sophisticated specs and features from color selections down to its functionalities. But like many other phones, though the phone seems close to perfection, there are things we must pay attention to. According to CNET, these are the seven things users of the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra must keep an eye on.

Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5 Not-So-Great Features

It’s not lightweight: If you are planning to watch your favorite series on Netflix while in bed, better use your SMART TV in your bedroom than this. Maybe due to jam-packed features and add-ons, the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra seems to be having a weight issue. It’s heavy as what the reviewer of this phone says.

That’s why if you don’t want to feel any pain the next day when you wake up due to watching Netflix late in the night on this phone, skip it and maybe, call the day.

Night Mode Screen: The brightness for this phone when the Nighttime screen is on is kind of strong, and it seems that it will not induce you to sleep. Android’s Wind Down’s brightness setting might need to consider more on the lowest setting possible to make users lull on to their sleep.

Headphones Not Included: We understand that Samsung is grooming their wireless headphones called Galaxy Buds Live that will cost around $170.

S Pen location: It depends on the users. If you are left-handed, the placement of the S Pen on the left side for Galaxy Note 20 Ultra suits you. But for a few, it might be a chore for them to reach out to the S Pen to the left side of the phone.

Battery Life: Don’t forget to turn on the battery optimization.

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