Galaxy Watch 3: Stunning smartwatch with minimal flaws

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is now equipped with health support, providing relief from all your worries in terms of your health. But there are a few things that are kind of disappointing.

The first of the fewer smartwatches that offer measures for your blood oxygen levels, this could be the smartwatch of the year. But some say this promising feature is missing in action. This was after CNET tested the device.

On its website, they came up with the test and review of the device, and it seems that Galaxy Watch 3 has a long way to go in terms of its promising features. The watch comes with a fitness aid that supports your journey to healthier living.

You can sync workouts from television to your wristwatch, the device also tracks your running, sleep analysis, and even measures the levels of oxygen to your blood with the integration of electrocardiogram or ECG (EKG).

But according to, it seems that these promises were not delivered on the day Samsung launched the device in terms of health features, and battery life was not quite doing well.

More Health Features

Galaxy Watch 3: A stunning smartwatch with minimal flaws

ECG (electrocardiogram): At this time of pandemic where everyone is very concerned about their health, a device that features this tool will aid people to monitor their normality of breathing. As COVID-19 is still lurking globally, having this kind of tool will somewhat address the concerns of many. With the SpO2 app, which measures the saturation of oxygen levels in the blood, people can track their health range.

However, this feature is currently available in South Korea and will soon be available to all countries, like in the US, where they have received clearance from the FDA and will soon be activated. Though it aids you to track your oxygen levels in your blood, it is better to seek physicians on your health for accuracy.

Sleep Tracking: With its enhancements made by its predecessors, Galaxy Watch 3 now has better sleep analysis based on sleep stages (light, REM, deep). It also provides you analysis on comparing your sleep to a normal range backed-up with data.
Workout Features: Looking for a coach companion at this time of pandemic? Maybe this device could be your best companion at this time. The Galaxy Watch 3 can track at least 40 different workouts. It is also best in providing track results for running.

Other features

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 has an AMOLED screen that is adaptable to lights around you. You can even read from this watch in broad daylight. You can also sync your workout from television to your wrist.

But the downside is the battery life. 45mm truly lasts until the second day, but for the 41mm version, it only lasts closer to a day or half-day on normal use.

Over-all, this smartwatch is one for books.

Images used courtesy of CNET/YouTube Screenshot

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