Galaxy Z Fold 3 may get an under-display selfie camera

Galaxy Z Fold 3 may get an under-display selfie camera

The Galaxy Z Fold 3 could be Samsung’s first-ever smartphone to ship with an under-display selfie camera next year.

Over the past years, smartphone companies have been perfecting the craft of digital screens. Bezels are already things of the past because of curved screens. As a result, companies can already provide almost-full screen cameras.

Yes, some have already achieved such a feat. However, the full-screen approach is somewhat sort of a cheat. Instead of having a notch or a hole-punch camera, some companies opt for a motorized pop-up camera.

For some, this implementation is a bit of a compromise because of additional moving mechanisms. As a result, the majority of the companies are still opting for either a hole-punch or a full notch.

Galaxy Z Fold 3 may have an under-display camera

The only solution to the problem of a motorized camera or a notch or a hole-punch cut out is an under-display camera. Earlier rumors this year indicated that Samsung is well on its way to provide this technology. It even speculated that either the Samsung Galaxy S21 or the Galaxy Note 21 might get the upgrade.

Unfortunately, contrary to high hopes, it seems like fans of these two phones might have to wait a little longer to get this feature. However, they may opt for the Galaxy Z Fold 3 to get a crack on the latest front-facing camera technology.

The Elec reports that Samsung is finding ways to have the feature ship as soon as possible. Regrettably, applying the under-display camera is easier said than done. Samsung has already mastered the HIAA 1 or the hole-in-active-area process. However, it is the second step which makes the development all the more challenging.

HIAA 2 will need more engineering advances than the first step. To simplify, this stage of the development will be the key to have more light pass through the layers of the screen to reach the sensor. Without this step, the pictures will come out dull and distorted.

When will this feature ship with the phone?

Basing on the release of the Galaxy Z Fold 2, which was released not more than a month ago, the Galaxy Z Fold 3 will ship sometime around September next year. However, there is still no assurance if the under-display camera will actually be equipped with it.

If it does, Samsung will really achieve an all-screen display without compromises and cheats. Also, Samsung can confidently say that they were able to get rid of the Z Fold’s notch in just two generations of the phone.

The first model of the Z Fold not only had a problematic screen, but it also had a huge side notch. Fortunately, Samsung got rid of both problems with the Z Fold 2.

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