‘Game Dev Tycoon’ is coming to Switch this October

Game Dev Tycoon is coming to the Switch this October

Nintendo has announced that Game Dev Tycoon is finally coming to the Nintendo Switch. The game will launch on October 8.

Game Dev Tycoon was first released back in 2012. Greenheart Games launched the game for Windows, Linux, macOS, and Android back then.

Previous owners who now own a Nintendo Switch might worry about losing progress. However, the developers confirmed that there would be a cross-save feature.

Players who own the game through Steam or on mobile may continue their saved game on the Switch. This makes it convenient to play the game on whatever platform is available.

The upcoming Game Dev Tycoon port will have a different interface. The aim is to create a proper UI that takes advantage of the Joy-Cons as well as the touch feature.

What is in the game?

For those who are unaware, this game simulates the life of a game developer, as the name implies. Players start with a small development studio set in the 80s.

The goal is to create games of different genres, platforms and be the best game studio in town.

It may sound simple, but the game offers several challenges as well. This includes hiring the proper management and development teams. Fail in one, and the studio might go bankrupt.

Overwhelming positive feedback

The game might bore players who are not fans of simulation games. But it is worth trying. The Steam reviews of the game alone speak for its quality.

Some players call it an “interesting concept” where players spend “hours thinking of great ideas.” It explores the creativity of each player is making a unique game.

The Game Dev Tycoon currently has more than 29,000 positive feedback on Steam alone. Now this game is a winner for Nintendo Switch simulation lovers.

Image used courtesy of Greenheart Games

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