‘Game of Thrones’ earned Starbucks billions for accidental cup

'Game of Thrones' earned Starbucks billions for accidental cup

The infamous accidental cup from Game of Thrones was not even a Starbucks cup after all.

Game of Thrones has become one of the top-rated materials on small screens. Some publications have even deemed the HBO series as the best show of all time.

Due to its popularity and influence, single product placement in such a show would, reportedly, cost around “six figures.” But, because of an accidental slip, the show has given Starbucks a revenue of AU$3.2 billion in free advertising, according to Cheat Sheet.

It is not a Starbucks cup

Last year, Game of Thrones dropped its final run on the platform. After two years of waiting, the fandom was all eyes on every episode of the finale season.

Shockingly, many noticed that one of the “props” did not fit the dynamic of the show. In episode 4 titled, The Last of The Starks, avid watchers witnessed Daenerys Targaryen seated next to a “disposable coffee cup.” While the label was not visible, it looked similar to the cups of Starbucks.

The publication said that the internet went “wild,” mocking the episode, particularly the scene with the “Starbucks” cup. As noted, it was accidental considering that the events of Game of Thrones take place in a pre-technology era.

Two days later, they digitally erased the cup from the episode. But, the “wildest” thing about it is that the cup was just a generic craft services cup, the reports added.

It is not a Starbucks cup

Starbucks earned billions

Following the blow-up on the internet, it, reportedly, prompted a “massive sales boost” for Starbucks. Stacy Jones, CEO of Hollywood Branded, estimated the value of all the “buzz” at $2.3 billion, according to CNBC.

She later described it as a “once-in-a-lifetime collision of opportunity” for the coffee brand. But, she countered that the estimated value is just the “tip of the iceberg,” pointing out that that estimated value does not factor in the social media and word of mouth.

Dan Hill, CEO of Hill Impact, also echoed Jones’ statements about the accidental product placement. He, reportedly, emphasized that Starbucks will forever gain free advertising from Game of Thrones because of the “memes.” It is a “gift” that will keep on giving, he added.

Game of Thrones executives gave a “hilarious” response

The executives from Game of Thrones and HBO released a statement to Insider the following day. They confirmed that the “latte” on the episode was a “mistake.” They added, though, that it was a mistake because Daenerys “ordered an herbal tea.”

As for Starbucks, they did not, reportedly, give any comments about the matter. But, reports said that they should be thankful for Game of Thrones for its accidental slip, causing them to boost sales and earn further from free advertising.

Images courtesy of (1)GameofThrones/YouTube & (2)ET Canada/YouTube

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