‘Game of Thrones’ prequel about House Targaryan already casting roles?

'Game of Thrones' prequel about House Targaryan already casting roles?

The Game of Thrones prequel is making its rounds on the rumor mill lately, with showrunners reportedly already started its casting.

It has been over a year since HBO last aired the final episode of the beloved Game of Thrones series. Up until today, many still haven’t accepted the bitter ending of the Mother of Dragons, Daenerys Targaryan, getting killed by her own nephew, who is also her lover, Jon Snow.

Game of Thrones prequel: House of the Dragon

Per Polygonthe said prequel title will be House of the Dragon and will center on the “Targaryan civil war,” which is called the “Dance of the Dragons.”

The prequel series was announced last year, but little updates were seen following the official confirmation of the series.

As what viewers saw in the latter part of the eight-season TV series, the Targaryan bloodline was slowly unveiled, resulting in so many fan-made theory about Jon Snow, the supposed bastard son of Ned Stark.

But as it turns out, he was Stark’s nephew instead—being the son of his late sister Lyanna, with the crowned Targaryan prince, Rhaegar Targaryan. So, things got a bit complicated, especially for the viewers to watch, when Jon and Daenerys eventually became romantically involved.

The House of the Dragon, however, based on Entertainment Weekly‘s report, will be set 300 years even before the events in the Game of Thrones series transpired—hence, a prequel.

It will center the fiery, not to mention complicated, history of House Targaryan.

As for the show’s storytelling method, EW had this to say:

“Some fans have suggested the show could also be an American Horror Story-style anthology series, covering a vastly different time period in each season.”

Cast and showrunners

Although nothing is set in stone yet, specifically the cast breakdown, those who will lead the show have reportedly been identified. Accordingly, Ryan Condal is set to be one of the showrunners of House of the Dragon. 

He will be working alongside Miguel Sapochnik, who is responsible for the epic battle scenes in The Battle of the Bastards and The Winds of Winter. 

Polygon noted two relevant roles that George R.R. Martin and Condal are set for casting. They are the role of Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen and Queen Alicent Hightower.

These two women are said to be the “central figures” during the Targaryan civil war or the Dance of the Dragons. 

The rest of the roles are reportedly underway. Other key figures that are expected for casting are King Viserys I and Aegon II Targaryen.

Lastly, HBO is said to give 10 episodes to this Game of Thrones prequel. All analysts and media outlets are betting on the series to air sometime in 2022.


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