GAMESTA: Guild token launch

Play to Earn (P2E) is revolutionizing the way people play around the world. 

Gaming developers are now able to reward and incentivize the players with in-game asset ownership through the use of Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs).

Gamesta promotes the distribution of these in-game assets to players that can use them in exchange for a profit-sharing model. 

The $GSG token will act as the utility token within Gamesta’s network. The token qualifies token holders to take advantage of the opportunities provided by the P2E ecosystem.

$GSG token will be based on Polygon (MATIC) to leverage the ETH network whilst keeping the gas & transaction fees to a minimum. The token utility has been maximised by providing the following uses:

  • Automate the revenue-sharing model through which the players who play the games are paid
  • Staking for those who actively play
  • Governance + decisions voted on in the DAO to help improve the Guild.
  • Facilitates access to new play-to-earn games as a result of the NFT acquisitions done by the Guild
  • Community activation and incentives.

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Due to the play 2 earn models’ effectiveness, the prices of the NFTs linked to the in-game assets required to play may be significantly high, meaning barriers of entry exist for those with no money to purchase such NFTs. 

Scholarships such as Gamesta’s enable the distribution of these in-game assets to players that can use them in-game in exchange for a profit-sharing model.

Gamesta brings value through its experience in the crypto industry as Gamesta‘s core team are specialists in GameFi . 

The guild effectively connects token holders and players together, allowing both parties to profit from the exploding play-to-earn market.

Ambitiously looking forward to building one of the most successful guilds ever, the project gives high rewards to token holders at the same time as it empowers players from all over the globe.

Visit the official website to learn more about this exciting project:

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