GameStop takes on different route with its mask-wearing policy

GameStop takes on different route with its mask-wearing policy

The United States is slowing implementing mask-wearing mandates, which GameStop officially adheres to but provides customers a few options.

In this hard time where there is still no absolute cure for COVID-19, national governments implement mask-wearing policies to slow down the spread. GameStop, the world’s largest retail chain for video games and other gaming merchandise, takes the “new normal” policy implementation in a different way.

GameStop hopes to avoid harassment with face mask rules

There’s been mixed feedback about the face mask policies, most especially among the American masses. Numerous reports have narrated a series of establishment employees getting harassed by customers without face mask after getting refused of service.

The New York Times has reported a few stories of some employees who actually get physically abused from non-face mask-wearing customers, after being denied store service. This is also what the United Kingdom labor union is afraid of, should the English government decides to implement the said law, with store employees enforcing it to their respective customers.

GameStop hopes to avoid such violent scenarios by not letting its workers enforce such COVID-19 preventive mandate to its customers. A representative from the retail chain giant later on conferred with the media outlet that their decision is indeed for the protection of their employees.

Starting July 27, the retail giant will start requiring its U.S. customers to wear face masks inside the stores.

However, they will not deny anyone of service—nor ask anyone to leave—for not adhering to the face-mask wearing rule, per Kotaku. Instead, employees will offer a few alternatives to the customers such as a complimentary face mask or suggest alternative shopping methods.

The media outlet quotes an internal memo sent to GameStop employees, saying:

“If a customer refuses to wear a mask/face covering or is attempting to escalate the situation, calmly ask the customer what you can assist them with and complete their transaction as quickly as possible.”

Other major chains requiring face masks

GameStop isn’t the first chain giant to implement said policy. In fact, the media outlet highlights that Wal-Mart, Target, Best Buy, and Starbucks have since adhered to the mandate.

Walmart and Sam’s Club outlets started this implementation on July 15. While Costco has been enforcing this policy since May 4. CVS just took the policy in effect today, July 20, and Target will follow suit on August 1.

There have been numerous debates about the wearing of face masks. Those who are against the policy have cited “reduced oxygen intake,” which is said to be more dangerous to the human body.

Nevertheless, many medical practitioners have slammed down on this theory. “I haven’t seen any medical or scientific evidence that shows that wearing a mask depletes your body of oxygen,”  says Dr. Susy Hota of Toronto’s University Health Network, as quoted by CBC Canada.

The wearing of face masks does not also lead to harmful gases build-up or accumulation, per the good doctor.


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