Gaming monitors: Top budget-friendly picks for 2021 revealed

Gaming monitors: Top budget-friendly picks for 2021 revealed

The best gaming monitors entail high price tags. But, various inexpensive options can still provide quality.

Gaming monitors are different from the usual desktop screens. When it comes to games, it is crucial to have a monitor that can support the overall features of the title.

It is worth noting, however, that not all gaming screens are created equal. This applies not only to the specs and functionalities but, also to the price tags.

Popular Mechanics recently released a list of the most budget-friendly monitors for gaming in 2021. As noted, they came up with it after “rigorously testing” the models, as well as performing “intensive research.”

Top gaming monitors that are budget-friendly

The publication included a few brands and models in the list. Among all, the most inexpensive unit is the Asus VP228HE.

Most stores offer the product below $100. It is a 21.5-inch fast screen that features a 1080p TN display with a refresh rate of 60Hz and a response time of 1ms.

Another gaming monitor on the budget-friendly list is the AOC 24G2. It is a 24-inch screen that has a 1ms response time.

The refresh rate is reportedly up to 144Hzz, and it comes with FreeSync Technology. The cost of this unit falls below AU$324.

Top gaming monitors that are budget-friendly

Curved screens for playing games have become a feature that many find expensive. But, the publication said that there are now curved monitors that come with friendly price tags, not exceeding AU$299.

These include the Dell Gaming S2721HGF, which is a 27-inch curved FHD monitor. It has a response time of 1ms and a refresh rate of up to 144Hz.

The other models that are also on the list are GIGABYTE G27Q and Asus VG248QG. The costs are below AU$475 and AU$275, respectively.

Factors to consider when choosing and buying

PC Mag previously shared a guide on the things gamers should consider when buying gaming monitors. Some of the primary factors to look out for are the panel size and resolution. As emphasized, “biggest is almost always better” when it comes to gaming screens.

Alongside these variables, the other top considerations include the refresh rate, response time, and sync technology. There are also some models that offer other additional features and functionalities that may affect the overall dynamic of the unit.

While these factors will, indeed, help buyers and gamers make their buying decisions, the best gaming monitors will still reportedly vary depending on the user’s immediate needs.

Images (1) & (2) courtesy of TechSource/YouTube

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