Gaming will be a problem for future Apple Silicon powered Macs

Gaming will be a problem for future Apple Silicon powered Macs

Apple Silicon powered Macs may face gaming problems. Because of compatibility issues, it might affect the games that have worked smoothly using Intel chips.

Apple will introduce its first-ever Apple Silicon powered Mac. Rumors are it will either be the iMac or the Mac Mini. Regardless of whichever unit it will be, the device will be critiqued and criticized. Up to this point, no one knows clearly how the Apple Silicon transition will figure for Mac users in the future.

Fortunately, Apple itself confirmed that the transition would be smooth. Apple has even provided transitioning tools that will make the shift easier for programmers. Be that as it may, Forbes’ Ewan Spence believes that Apple may have overlooked an important aspect for gamers.

Apple Silicon powered Macs for gaming?

The shift from Intel to Apple Silicon is already a hot topic debate online. There are two sides to the same coin of the issue. On the one hand, many believe the shift is best for Apple and its future Mac development. On the other hand, some believe that, although the shift is the right move, the task will be easier said than done. As such, the transition will be troublesome.

Spence believes that both sides are true. However, the second belief will ring truer for the gaming market. He said,

“Apple’s move away from an Intel-based system offers the company a number of advantages, not least in performance and efficient use of power, but it will make it even harder for anyone serious about gaming to consider the Mac platform.”

Game developers have always had a harder time programming their games for the Mac platform. That is even considering that Macs ran on Intel chips then. The shift to the Apple Silicon will not make their lives easier. On the contrary, another barrier has been added to their programming tasks.

Gaming will be a problem for future Apple Silicon powered Macs

Apple Silicon game compatibility

Triple-A games may have a harder time penetrating the Apple Silicon powered Macs. However, the gaming side of the Macs doesn’t end there. Since Macs will already run the new chipsets, games from iOS and iPadOS may make their way into computer versions.

It means that gaming across Apple devices on the same games may soon be possible. Developers may even incentivize users to transition to Macs for some added laptop or desktop features.

Suppose Triple-A games don’t end up running on Macs or take a longer time to run on Macs. Users can still go to Apple Arcade to satisfy their gaming itch.

Image from Frankie Valentine/ Unsplash and Alexandru Acea/ Unsplash

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