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‘Gangsta’ Season 2: Will Manglobe still produce the second season?


It has been nearly six years since fans last saw Alex Benedetto on the small screen. With the long wait, is there a chance for him to return in Gangsta Season 2?

With its surprisingly fresh take on an action-packed mafia drama, Gangsta Season 1 became the gem among the anime lovers that season. As its story of street-level action coupled with underground politics is not enough to be featured in just one season, will it continue in Gangsta Season 2?

Season 1 plotline

The anime tells the story of two problem solvers called Handymen. They live in a city named Ergastalum, where the residents take a special drug to improve their looks and abilities after a war.

However, this drug started affecting the new generation, whose children are being born with superhuman abilities.

Sadly, the kids have been forced to work in slavery as mercenaries called Twilights, and one of them is Nicholas. He works with his partner, Worick, who is a Handymen.

From here, their story begins, which is not like any other mainstream high school anime.

Gangsta Season 2 source materials

According to Epic Dope, based on the manga written and illustrated by Kohske, the first season covered its six volumes. The series is still ongoing, so there are enough materials for Gangsta Season 2 to continue.

There are eight volumes in the series, though its continuation is quite slow due to its mangaka’s poor health.

In the first season, Nicholas and Worick met Alex, who used to work as a prostitute but turned their secretary today.

The series ended with Galahad at the Paulklee Colony and the Cristiano Family. The Twilight wanted was hoping Nicolas would protect Loretta, who helped his kinds in need.

Joel also faced Marco about Constance’s disappearance at the season finale, while Worick started suspecting Ivan’s actions.

From here, Gangsta Season 2 might continue adapting the manga’s seventh volume.

Will the anime still return?

However, TV Season Spoilers noted Gangsta Season 2 might not come to light despite the high hopes.

Its studio, Manglobe, declared bankruptcy in 2015. With the almost six-year waiting, it couldn’t be denied that its popularity had already diminished.

Sadly, there would be no studio interested to adapt the second season due to its status.

It would also only be another crime anime show for some, especially with the big anime titles today.

Despite starting it big, its hiatus is the huge culprit for its inability to maintain its fame. With 350 million Yen debt, Manglobe may not be able to produce Gangsta Season 2.

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