GB Operator lets players legally play GB, GBC, GBA cartridges on PC

Epilogue's GB, GBC, and GBA emulator, the GB Operator

Nintendo retro players seeking to relive their nostalgia will find GB Operator the ideal accessory on their PC.

When playing classic games infer the use of emulators on a powerful hardware, owning game cartridges seem exclusive to avid collectors mostly. There are few logical reasons why this is the case, such as the inability to access essential platform. But, then again, it can also be wasteful seeing such valuable items just collect dusts at a certain corner of the room.

Hardware-based Emulator

However, that dilemma can now be laid to rest as Epilogue brings a product that put good use to old Nintendo cartridges. Dubbed the “GB Collector,” it is an adapter that has the inner make-up of the traditional GameBoy cartridge slot. It does so for the obvious reason of imitating said design for inserting cartridges of physical games from Nintendo’s classic handheld. Specifically, from either the original GameBoy or any of its younger siblings, the GameBoy Color and GameBoy Advance.

Designed to work in tandem with a PC, the adapter itself can connect to any computer via USB. A large majority of computer users are likely going to experience this unique form of emulation on a Windows environment. However, it also works on MacOS and Linux, which significantly broadens its access to a wide spectrum of audiences.

Fans of the see-through design will find double delight about the GB Operator for its similar approach to physical layout. This comes especially true knowing that it’s becoming rare nowadays that today’s devices come with a like setup. The benefit of which merely by having the satisfaction of seeing the inner workings of the electronic product.

Quality-of-life Features

But this innovative piece of hardware is more than just a tool for running classic Nintendo titles on PC. It, too, comes with a few quality-of-life benefits that have recently become commonplace among emulators. This means having the convenience of regular save backups, as well as cheat and controller support.

In addition, users can also make a backup of their pre-owned games as well by having the ability to write ROMs on a blank cartridge. Although this feature may fall into serious controversy, considering its potential application.

Altogether, those advantages draw from mGBA, which is what powers the adapter’s emulating prowess.

As per Epilogue’s official website, the product is now available for order for $49.99. However, international consumers can expect to pay more as global shipping fee becomes consideration.

Image used courtesy of Epilogue

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