‘Gears Tactics’ receives first update, details revealed

Gears franchise’s first foray into strategy genre with Gear Tactics gets its first-ever update—here are the changes and improvements that rolls out with it.

The update will be released to the game on Tuesday, May 12 at 11 PM ET / 8 PM PT.

Although with a positive reception by critics, Gears Tactics is plagued with issues that are game-breaking for many players. Such issues include a number of crashes and a trouble with selecting units at certain parts in the game.

Fixing Game-Breaking Glitches

As it appears, the game is identified to crash on multiple occasions after meeting certain conditions. Those instances include doing a fresh boot, targeting multiple enemies undercover with grenades, after getting hit, or when having narration.

In addition, the game also, reportedly, crashes randomly while in-game, when transitioning to loading screen, or when user settings get external edits.

The developers have also raised the recommended driver version to run the game. Players who do not meet the altered driver recommendation will receive a warning upon boot.

Quality of Gameplay Improvements

As for gameplay changes, one of the most notable ones is the fix to Act 1 Chapter 6 where players are unable to select units. Furthermore, the update also fixed problems regarding the use of Vanguard-related skills.

Other improvements get into the game as well. Such as visual glitches involving the appearance of untextured armor when making edits at the Barracks. Untextured parts that appear on Act 1 Mission 4 is rectified, too.

Other Essential Improvements

For those who use ultra-wide monitors, the problem with holes appearing on the environment is also addressed.

Elsewhere, Variable Rate Shading is generally improved.

Still far from perfect, however, Epic Games still has sights to some of the game’s glaring issues as well as further improvements.

With that in mind, it makes for exciting times ahead for the players who grew fond of the game.

Gears Series in Hindsight

The Gears series is a franchise mostly known for its third-person shooting title, the first of which originating on the Xbox 360. Currently, there is a total of seven entries in the series, six of which TPS by design.

Despite departing from the series’ staple gameplay mechanics, Gears Tactics get a positive reception. Albeit borrowing man elements from Firaxis’ XCOM series, the game adds its own violent twist. This makes the game both familiar and new to the audiences and possibly where the appeal comes from.

The series is created by Epic Games, but is owned and published by Xbox Game Studios.

Image used courtesy of YouTube/IGN

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