Genius Brands stock rallies more than 2000% amid network launch

Genius Brands stock rallies more than 2000% in a month

The U.S. markets may want to look at this entertainment company as Genius Brands surprisingly skyrockets on Wall Street.

It looks like the media and entertainment industry is at it again, starting with Spotify landing a deal with YouTube star Joe Rogan. Also, Warner Music announced its IPO this year and is pushing to listing in the stock exchange this week amid delays.

However, investors and traders may have slept on this children’s media company as their stock prices have blown out of proportions.

Genius Brands International Inc., has been making noise this week in anticipation of their new children’s channel this month.

Looking at press releases on its website, they announced last May that Mattel, Inc. would debut their first toy line at Walmart stores for their show, Rainbow Rangers. 

The stock price blasted off on “important news” speculation

Genius Brands skyrocketed ahead of the release of “important news” for this week.

Since May 1, this not so well-known children’s media company have surged as much as 2,500%. In addition, the stock also climbed over 300% amid its 4-day win streak. The stock price rose to almost US$8 [AU$ 11.55] from US$0.21.

Genius Brands stock rallies more than 2000% in a month

“We are delighted to see the market reacting to our mission, and we look forward to sharing important news in the coming days,” Chief Executive Andy Heward said in an email exchange with MarketWatch.

Kartoon Channel launches on June 15

The launch of their free network brand Kartoon Channel may have sparked interest with its investors.

According to the Genius Brands website, the network brand will merge their two channels Kid Genius Cartoon Channel and Baby Genius TV, which both have garnered a dramatic increase of viewership since May.

They have a running YouTube channel as well since 2018.

Kartoon Channel is a network for kids 2-11 years old and they will have access to over 4,000 episodes of premium educational and entertaining content in promoting their hallmark that it is “Smart and Safe.”

Furthermore, Genius Brands has expanded Kartoon Channel to other platforms such as Amazon Prime, Apple TV, and Roku to name a few. They have also partnered with Dooya TV to assist them with ad monetization among major cable providers such as Comcast, Cox, DISH, and Sling TV.

Traders and investors may want to look at Genius Brands if they will soar to new highs once June 15 kicks off or if they will end up unexpectedly falling. However, based on the news that this company has received, it looks like they are likely going in a more positive direction.

Featured image courtesy of Kartoon Channel!/YouTube Screenshot


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