‘Genshin Impact’ developers address spyware issue openly

miHoYo’s Genshin Impact has been all praises recently, but gamers have something else in mind. With the free-to-play game being too good to be true, some players speculate that there’s something fishy going on behind the game.

Genshin Impact seems like a game that’s too good to be true. For a free-to-play game, it offers a ton of content similar to what players would usually find in an AAA game. Only recently, some players claimed that the game could be a spyware program that steals the personal information of the users. miHoYo has just addressed the matter.

miHoYo denies allegations

In a statement made on the official twitter account of the developer, miHoYo denies the allegations that the game is spyware.

The source of the issue is the mhyprot2 code in the game’s files. As per miHoYo, the code is used to maintain a fair gaming environment. Of course, the developer also deeply apologizes for the concerns behind the line of code, making players think that it’s a spyware.

The developer also claims that mhyprot2 is no longer functional when the game itself closes. To give players more peace of mind, the developer released an update that removes the mhyprot2 whenever the players properly uninstall the game from their device.

Japanese players bite back

The matter is far from over. Japanese players on iOS devices said that the game allegedly reads the contents of a player’s clipboard upon starting up the game. They even showed proof of their device notifying them that their clipboard is being accessed. This is because of a new iOS beta feature.

This comes as a big surprise to players as no other game other than Genshin Impact is doing this. Some players now suggest filling up the clipboard with random text and messages so that even if the game accesses it, no sensitive data is taken.

Some players have noted that it’s just a bug on the game. It’s common on certain apps, including LinkedIn. We’ll have to wait and see how the developer reacts this time around. For now, however, it seems like they mean no ill-will.

It’s good that miHoYo addressed the Genshin Impact issue openly. Players might feel better knowing that the developers are stepping up to clear the air about an issue as big as this. We’ll have to wait and see to see how players react with miHoYo’s statement.

Image used courtesy of Genshin Impact/YouTube

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