‘Genshin Impact’ guide: What you need to know about Achievements and Trophy Stars

Genshin Impact guide: What you need to know about Achievements and Trophy Stars

Achievements and trophy stars in Genshin Impact go hand-in-hand but just exactly are they related? What roles do they play in the game?

Many Genshin Impact players may consider rewards as the life of the game and one can’t really blame them. Being free-to-play the MMORPG relies on a gacha-type system in order to gain profit. This means players have to spend actual money to get randomized prizes such as characters and weapons.

However, not everyone wants to spend money on a game and that is completely understandable. Theoretically, players can even play the game without having to spend any money. When this happens, in-game rewards take center stage. And what better way to earn rewards in Genshin Impact than by completing Achievements.

All about Genshin Impact Achievements

The game has set forth Achievements for players to accomplish as they explore the world of Teyvat. As players progress further and complete in-game requests, the system will notify them if ever they managed to earn an Achievement.

Achievements are important because they would not only be given a “Namecard” for their achievements, they can also receive Primogems. Players can use namecards to customize their profiles and show just how much they progressed in the game. Primogems, on the other hand, is the game’s main currency.

In order to get Primogems, one would have to convert real-world money. But earning Achievements is one of the best ways to get instant Primogems. The amount of Primogems a player can earn depends on the weight of their Achievements.

Understanding Trophy Stars

Some achievements come with red and gold emblems next to their titles. Players can find star-shaped slots when they focus on these emblems. These slots are the Trophy Stars.

Some players need to accomplish achievements repetitively before the game recognizes them as truly complete. The Trophy Stars serve as markers to the number of times a player has to repeat a particular achievement. Many achievements will only come with a single star-shaped slot. This means players only need to complete the achievement once.

But achievements with two or three stars would have to undertake the tasks repeatedly to complete. During these occasions, the game raises the difficulty level each time a player would accomplish an achievement.

These repetitions are a great way for players to constantly earn Primogems. Players can expect to receive more Primogems the higher the difficulty of a trophy star.

Players can then use these Primogems to purchase Wishes and convert them to Fates. Doing so would earn them the chance to gain new and powerful characters or weapons on Genshin Impact.

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