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‘Genshin Impact’: How to farm Primagems early


Primagems are the most important currency in Genshin Impact, and a lot of players are working hard to farm it. It’s one of the most valuable currencies in the game, and luckily, it can be farmed easily.

Genshin Impact is a free-to-play game with some gacha elements. The gacha elements come from drawing heroes and weapons in the game, and players can use Primagems to draw more heroes. It can be bought with the premium currency called Genesis Crystals, but players can still earn these for free in the game. Here’s how.

Get the game now

Since the game just launched for the PlayStation 4, PC, Android, and iOS devices, miHoYo is showering players with rewards. Each day, players will be getting 160 Primogems. While logging in consecutively for a week will reward players with 200 Primogems.

On top of all this, miHoYo has given players over 2,000 Primogems as compensation for a few launch title bugs. Even if players only try the game now, the rewards will still be given to them.

Finish achievements

If players open their main menu in Genshin Impact, they can see an achievement option. Finishing the achievements will reward players with a set number of Primagems. What’s great is that the achievements are easy, and players can finish them simply by playing through the game.

There are tiers to achievements—the better the achievements and the higher the tier, the bigger the reward for players. There are many achievements in the game. Some are related to combat, some to exploration, and some to progression through quests.


Exploration is rewarded greatly in the game. Opening teleportation waypoints, unlocking Statues of the Seven, and even opening chests rewards players with small Primogems. While these are smaller as compared to the other methods, players will be surprised at how much they’ll be getting by simply exploring the world.

As there are many regions – and a few upcoming ones, players are bound to have a consistent source of Primogems in the game. Theoretically speaking, they can continue unlocking characters without having to spend a dime.

Genshin Impact is a great game, but players will work for most of the characters they want. It’s fairly easy to farm Prima Gems in the game, but players will have to devote a lot of time to it. With enough work, players will be able to pull their favorite characters in the future.

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