‘Genshin Impact’ introduces new character, Rosaria

Popular mobile game Genshin Impact just introduced a new game character called Rosaria. And she’s voiced by Ai Kakuma.

Dualshockers reported that Genshin Impact had added a new character, Rosaria. However, right now, she will remain unplayable. Yes, the players won’t be able to choose her for the main gameplay.

Android and iOS users can now check out the brand new addition. They can find her in the Dragonspine storyline, added in version 1.2. It will soon come to PC, PS4, PS5 platforms as well.

The official Japanese Twitter account of the hit title shared the news on Wednesday.

“Genshin Impact”: New character details

Rosaria is found in the Dragonspine content, under “The Chalk Prince and Dragon.” Her first reveal came via several screenshots officially published during the new version’s stream.

But again, unlike Albedo, she’s not playable yet. However, soon she will show up on the gacha banner at some point. It’s because players of Genshin Impact know how the mobile game works regarding new additions.

It’s not clear whether she’s a four-star character or a harder one, with five stars to obtain.

As per the official tweet from game makers and miHOYO, Rosaria is a Favonius Church sister in Mondstadt. Interestingly, however, she doesn’t act like one; and never prays either.

Mentioning the new character’s voice, the tweet revealed that it’s none other than Ai Kakuma. She’s the same actress who also voiced Edelgard in Fire Emblem Three Houses. So those who don’t know her exactly can try to remember from that title. She has also voiced Ion in Surge Concerto, Isuzu Sento in Amagi Brilliant Park, Sora Ikushima in Tokyo Xanadu, and Rami Amasaki in Super Robot Wars.

Genshin players can meet the new character upon starting a new campaign under Dragonspine.

A new game update, version 1.3, is also likely to arrive in February 2021.

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Image courtesy of David Marin Foto/Shutterstock

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