‘Genshin Impact’ Lore: Get to know Alice, the famous adventurer

Genshin Impact Lore: Get to know Alice, the famous adventurer

Genshin Impact is all about the adventure. When it comes to adventure, the name Alice stands out. Get to know more about Klee’s mother here.

Genshin Impact boasts a number of colorful characters in the game. Characters such as the spritely guide, Paimon, help steer players in the right direction. Apart from the characters that players are able to control, there are also those that are shrouded in mystery. Alice, for example, is often mentioned but not many people know her story.

Who is Alice in Genshin Impact?

If you love Klee, then you’ll probably love Alice. Alice is, in fact, Klee’s mother. The game reveals this major detail during Mona’s story quests, particularly in Beyond The World’s Stars. Alice herself is deeply connected to Mona’s character. This is because Alice and Mona’s teachers were friends and rivals.

Because of their friendship, Mona’s teacher entrusted her diary to Alice. Later in the game, Mona will be instructed to retrieve this diary from Alice’s successor, which turns out to be her daughter Klee. This quest also results in the revelation of Klee’s maternity.

As it turns out, Alice and Klee’s unnamed father had left their daughter with the Knights of Favonius. This took place about three years before the game’s timeline. The reason for that is still unclear.

While the game doesn’t say much about Alice’s personality, Jean did remark on Klee’s own character once. He frustratingly says “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.” With this, players can infer that Alice and Klee share the same free-spirited personality.

She also had an influential role in Barbara’s career as an idol. This is because she was the one who gave her the Idol Magazine that inspired her to become an idol.

Teyvat Travel Guides

Alice is one of the most famous adventurers in the world of Teyvat. In fact, her adventuring even led to the creation of the popular Teyvat Travel Guides. While the game may consider it as a guide, it is actually the amalgamation of Alice’s travel diaries. Because of this, the Teyvat Travel Guide is more personal and subjective rather than an actual guide book.

The identity of Klee’s father

One of the biggest mysteries in the game is the identity of Klee’s father. It wouldn’t have been such a problem if the game wasn’t so conspicuous in hiding his identity. But players already have an idea as to who Klee’s father actually is. More than that, this character is also an upcoming playable character in the game.

As an adventurer, Alice travelled with a companion named Zhongli. As it happened, Zhongli will become a playable character on Genshin Impact soon. With his relation to Alice, it’s not at all surprising that players would assume that he is Klee’s father.


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