‘Genshin Impact’ lore: The mystery of the Unknown God finally unraveled?

Genshin Impact lore: the mystery of the Unknown God finally unraveled?

The identity of the Unknown God on Genshin Impact is one of the game’s biggest mysteries. But avid players may have just uncovered that mystery.

Genshin Impact may have only just begun but the game is already so rich in lore that players can’t get enough of its story. One of the first things that players get to see in the game is a fight scene between twin travelers and an unidentified woman who people call as the Unknown God.

This ultimately ends in the capture of one of the twins with the Unknown God never to appear again. While it is likely that the MMORPG would not reveal the identity of the Unknown God yet, players may have already discovered who she is.

Who is the Unknown God in Genshin Impact?

This early into the game, many would just assume the Unknown God as the antagonist of the story. However, players are now convinced that the Unknown God is actually their beloved companion, Paimon, albeit in a weakened form.

What led players to this conclusion is the fact that they both have white hair and a cross-shaped hair clip. Furthermore, the name Paimon in many religious beliefs is connected to the Kings of Hell.

Fans have also connected some facts about Paimon that make her connection with the Unknown God even more solid. First is that there is no other being on Teyvat that is like her.

The magic that she uses is also not linked to any known element. Paimon is also really gluttonous or maybe MiHoYo made her like that just for comic relief.

Paimon as the Unknown God is also a good explanation as to why players haven’t seen her in the game yet.


Players should take this theory with a grain of salt, as always. However, Paimon being a regressed form of the Unknown God would definitely make for an interesting plot.

However, if she really is the Unknown God, that would put the game’s system in a difficult situation. This is because Paimon acts as a guide and is also integral to many quest cutscenes. If the story transforms her into the antagonist, they also need to somewhat redeem her character and make her stay with the Traveler.

Child of the Unknown God

If Paimon is not the Unknown God herself, it’s also possible that she is deeply related to her somehow. Since they look really similar to each other, there is also the possibility that Paimon is a copy or even a child of the Unknown God sent to spy on the Traveler. But that would also be stretching it a bit.

For now, what’s sure is that Paimon is the mascot for Genshin Impact. Whether she really is the Unknown God or not, it doesn’t take away the important role that she plays in the game.

Featured image courtesy of Genshin Impact/Facebook

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