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‘Genshin Impact’ massively enhanced on the PlayStation 5


With a planned release on Sony’s next-gen console, MiHoYo’s Genshin Impact sees a massive enhancement partly specifically for the PlayStation 5.

Players who have played the beautiful freemium game on the PlayStation 4 knows what’s up. While the platform is as capable of displaying the same visuals as its counterparts, it’s not without its hiccups.

One most glaring issue with the PS4 version of Genshin Impact is its dropping frames. That speaks over a game that suffers from an inconsistent framerate, despite being incapable of exceeding 30 FPS. Both ideas of which make the experience on the Sony home console less ideal.

Better frames-per-second

The issue is even more highlighted with the game’s latest update in light of the launch of PS4’s successor, the PlayStation 5. Not only does the game run at full 60 FPS on the next-generation console, but it is capable of high display resolutions too. In particular, a 4K display, which in actual application is akin to seeing the game at its smoothest on a big display.

Giving proof of Genshin Impact’s stunning glory on the PS5 is Trusted Reviews, which gave a demonstration of the game’s running application.

Although the comparison applies against the PS4 Pro, more so, it is the case with the non-Pro models. Specifically, variations of Sony’s previous-gen console that are incapable of 4K-display support. VG Tech has recently published an analysis showcasing the game’s “slower” performance compared to its better-hardware counterparts.

Faster loading time

The game is not just slow on the PS4 because of lower frames-per-second, however. Genshin Impact’s “slowness” on Sony’s older console is also judged for how fast it loads. Which, in comparison to the PS5, lags by nearly a minute or 50 seconds.

That level of delay may not seem much in terms of numbers. But, every second cut off from the waiting time is really a welcome feature in the actual application. The joy of which primarily boils down to the knowledge that the experience is faster than PS4 by comparison.

It’s time for an update

It is worth noting that MiHoYo’s beloved title did not have the feature when the game saw initial release. Literally, to enjoy the game in its better glory would entail the need to update to the latest version of the game: version 1.1.

Aside from getting better performance with the game, part of the reason to update would be for its additional contents. Essentially, giving players additional hours of gameplay through quests and unlockable characters.

Image used courtesy of Jade King/YouTube Screenshot

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