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‘Genshin Impact’: Meet all the new characters coming in update 1.1


Genshin Impact will finally have its first major update since its release. In this new update, players are introduced to four big new characters.

Genshin Impact players are in for a big surprise this November 11. This is because the popular free-to-play RPG game is set to have its first major update. Apart from the new main story, quests, and weapons, and features coming to the game, what probably excites players the most is the arrival of four new characters.

Here are all the new characters coming to Genshin Impact. And fun fact: all of them are four to five stars.

Xinyan & Diona: the new four-star characters on Genshin Impact

Four-star characters are hard to come by on MiHoYo’s gacha-heavy RPG. In fact, it would take considerable luck just to draw these characters out. And now, MiHoYo is set to add two new characters to this roster.

The first addition is the daughter of the Kätzlein, Diona. Players that have a thing for Neko or cat-like characters will definitely love Diona. Working as a bartender at The Cat’s Tail in Monstadt, the cute Diona is the other bow user included in the update 1.1. Not only that, her ability to mix various drinks and alcohols as well as her Cryo element makes her the perfect support character.

In contrast to Diona, the next character is the edgy Xinyan. Not much really is known about this character. But what’s sure about her is that she is a Pyro and claymore.

While people may think that Xinyan is a bit similar to Diluc, another Pyro-claymore wielder, there is also an obvious difference. Unlike Diluc, Xinyan’s abilities are of the musical variety. This means that she will be calling upon the power of music to smite her foes.

Childe: Hydro bowman

If four-star characters are rare and require luck to draw, then players would need the help of the divine to call upon these two characters. Five-star characters are the rarest of them all and update 1.1 will bring in more of these top-of-the-class characters to the fold.

Players who have progressed into the Liyue arc would definitely know these two characters. The first one is Snezhnayan Tartaglia, or more popularly, Childe. Childe is the other bow user coming to the game.

Despite being a bow user, this character’s strength is greatly seen in his Hydro elemental powers. This means that players can rely on his Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst in succession with the standard normal and charged bow attacks. This would effectively allow players to shift melee to range using this character. Childe is also the first bow and Hydro user in the game.

Zhongli: five-star mystery

Finally, the other five-star character is the mysterious Zhongli. This guy is definitely no stranger to the game and is prominently featured in the Liyue arc. More than that, many now know that Zhongli is Alice‘s travelling companion. With Alice as the mother of Klee, many believe that Zhongli is Klee’s unnamed father. So far, this is all just speculation.

Zhongli is the head of the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor. His element is Geo and wields a polearm as a weapon. Ability-wise, MiHoYo hasn’t provided enough details of this character.

However, a leaked video shows Zhongli supposedly able to call upon a meteor from the sky as his Elemental Burst. If that is true, that is one hell of an ability. While Childe is a likely choice for DPS, Zhongli would definitely deal a great amount of AoE damage.

Update 1.1 will arrive on Genshin Impact on November 11, 2020.

Images courtesy Genshin Impact/YouTube Screenshot

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