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‘Genshin Impact’: miHoYo releases feedback survey for players


miHoYo’s Genshin Impact is a smash hit, and it remains to be a very popular free-to-play game days after its initial release. It’s far from being perfect, but the good news is that the developer is hoping to listen to fans.

While it’s a popular game, players still have a few qualms over Genshin Impact. Previously, players can contact the developer through its social media outlets only. Now, the developers have launched a new system that allows players to contact them directly for their suggestions and complaints.

New survey page

Just recently, the community team for the game launched a feedback survey page for players. This page allows players to give their feedback regarding a few aspects of the game. Basically, players can complain about everything they don’t find nice about the game.

The survey talks mostly about aspects such as images and keyart in the game. However, the open comments section at the end of the survey can be an outlet for any complaints. Players should try and let their voices be heard as soon as possible, as the survey might not be around permanently.

What’s wrong with the game?

In hindsight, players don’t have a ton of complaints about the game currently. Genshin Impact is a pretty generous free game with a ton of content coming within the next months.

However, players may want to complain about the rather abysmal gacha system in the game. It’s tough to get a five-star weapon or character from the pulls in the game. Players are lucky to get a few four-stars even if they pick the 10 draw option.

Another complaint that fans have with the game is that there seems to be an issue when players across different consoles play with each other. This might be a minor server issue on the part of miHoYo, and they can fix this easily.

Other aspects of the game are great. Fans have commented that there are a ton of similarities between the game and The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild. However, many fans have noted that the game has enough features to set it apart from that game.

Genshin Impact is far from being its complete self. Players should expect various content updates and regular updates that fix some of the things in the game. Now that players have a better platform to speak up, the developers will have an easier time implementing the changes.

Image used courtesy of Genshin Impact/YouTube

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