‘Genshin Impact’ players aren’t happy with Resin changes coming to patch 1.1

Genshin Impact players aren't happy with the Resin changes coming on patch 1.1

Massive changes are coming to the Resin system on Genshin Impact. However, players are still dissatisfied as the changes aren’t exactly what they hoped for.

Genshin Impact is already one of the most popular games that 2020 has to offer. The gacha-style RPG game had wowed players with its massive and colorful open-world. But while the game is only a few weeks old and is still developing, players have already found certain frustrations with the game.

Genshin Impact as a gacha game

Being free-to-play, Genshin Impact has to rely on a gacha system to generate profit. Players can opt not to purchase anything in the game. In theory, players can still play the game without spending any money. But upon reaching the endgame, the MMORPG’s gacha system becomes more evident.

Players are now finding it more and more tempting to spend not only on just characters and weapons. They’re also spending more on Original Resin.

The problem with Resin

Original Resin is currently the most limiting aspect of Genshin Impact. It is basically the game’s own form of stamina. Players need Resin in order to gain access to rewards after completing a task.

There is only a limited amount of Resin that players can use. Every time Resin is consumed, players have to wait eight (8) minutes to regenerate one (1) resin.

However, they can only have a maximum of 120 Resin available to players. If players effectively timed their Resin use, they can have as much as 180 Resin per day but no more beyond that.

Players logging in once a day won’t be able to take advantage of the 180 Resin. Furthermore, it is also easy for players to blow their Resin resources in a span of minutes. The problem with Resin is that it is easy to consume but difficult to regain.

More than that, players would have to spend real money in order to get more Resin.

Unhappy players

Changes are coming to the game when patch 1.1 arrives. Some of these changes were done to address players’ discontent with the Resin system. However, it seems like these changes are not enough to satisfy Genshin Impact players.

One of these changes concerns the Original Resin threshold. MiHoYo will change the maximum limit of Resin to 160. A leak on Reddit suggests that the game will add a new type of Resin for players. Called the Condensed Resin, this would allow players to save up the Resin that they don’t use in a day. The Condensed Resin can then be used on another day.

But players want the developers to do more than that.

Players want to do away with the current Resin system. But seeing as it is an important profit generator for MiHoYo, it’s highly unlikely that they would do that. Many want the developers to provide them with a way to gather more Resin without having to spend too much money.

It’s curious to know what actions MiHoYo will take in order to address these concerns in the future. Patch 1.1. is set to arrive on Genshin Impact on November 11, 2020.


Featured image courtesy of Genshin Impact/Facebook

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