‘Genshin Impact’ sees massive adoption on mobile at 17 million downloads

Genshin Impact trailer snapshot

Breath of the Wild-inspired, free-to-play game, Genshin Impact, is seeing massive support in the mobile gaming space as it garners 17 million downloads, all in the span of four days.

The data comes from a tweet by App Annie who claims the figure, not including the numbers from the PC and PS4. Both of which also potentially seeing large numbers due to the game’s free accessibility.

Controversial, but redeeming

Genshin Impact is undoubtedly one of the most controversial games of recent years. With a look that is conspicuously inspired after a very popular Nintendo title, leading to the ruffling of feathers of its fans, not many games are as hated as Genshin Impact.

Although it’s true that the game took heavy inspirations from the Breath of the Wild, as admitted by its own developers themselves, the game has its own personality. Quite original enough to distinguish itself apart from the game it appears to imitate from the outset.

The idea that the game is a blatant clone of Breath of the Wild can, therefore, be dismissed as untrue—at least, not to the fullest extent of the accusation.

A unique game

While much of the visuals seen in Genshin Impact is indeed reminiscent of the prominent Zelda title, it’s the game’s mechanics where the game strays. It has a cool combat system that could keep players exploring and playing until fully spent. As well as an addicting gacha system that rewards rather randomly, and if lucky, greatly, which some would like to spend money on.

Experiencing Genshin Impact’s vast world may be a highlight of the game’s entirety. But for others, it can also be about unlocking playable characters. Which, individually, can be customized and be distinct characters of their own, and make the game a more exciting undertaking.

Some characters can be unlocked by merely doing and finishing quests. Others are a bit more of a gamble, asking players to risk their rolls for some chances to unlock any. A demand that can be variably costly.

As not all playable characters are inherently the same, each has its own unique strengths and weaknesses. An interesting element that shall see players switching between characters from time to time, depending on the situation.

Risky, but potentially rewarding

Anyone who has a penchant for gambling will easily be at home with Genshin Impact—for good or bad. With a gacha system that prizes risk, this feature is effectively a money-maker for MiHoYo and an exciting part of dealing with uncertainty for players.

Image used courtesy of Genshin Impact/YouTube Screenshot

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