‘Genshin Impact’ Stone Harbour Event: How can you survive longer?

Genshin Impact is famous for hosting numerous events. With the new drop for the Stone Harbour Event, here is how you can survive and win.

Genshin Impact has already hosted numerous in-game activities like the elemental crucible and magnificent products because of its September launch.

Now, the builders at Mihoyo are introducing Genshin effect’s first web-primarily based event, stone harbor treasure journal, which gives players the hazard to snag numerous in-sport rewards.

All you need to play is handy in your accessible dandy internet browser.

What is the start time for the Genshin Impact Stone Harbour Event?

In China, the event was hosted, and it started from November 2nd to November 10th. The team at Mihoyo have said,

“There is no such time constraint we have put in for the event. If you want, then you can wish to expand it upon the choice of your gameplay.

Depending on the structure and how the players are keen to be a part of the journey, our event will help them come with various occasions and scenarios to learn more about the game. We are trying hard to make it fair gameplay after all.”

What is the event about?

From the constrained facts regarding the occasion, you may get a component-time process in Liyue. You will need to work below both Zhongli or childe to complete small, visible novel-inspired duties.

You will obtain minor rewards after finishing each one. After having completed every project inside the event, you will have earned a complete of 2 hundred primogems and 50,000 mora.

According to the developers, you can learn more about the event from the Korean site. It helps you have a stern idea of how the event will look and what you are supposed to do as the player.

Is it meant for the PS4 players?

It truly is currently unknown. PS4 gamers have records of being excluded from Genshin effect bonuses.

While Mihoyo distributes code-based bonuses, because it did in advance this month, PS4 gamers cannot redeem them for some reason.

These codes are related to consumer money owed, which cannot be tied to Sony systems, leaving PS4 gamers out of luck when redeeming the ones loose primogems.

Looking forward to the new event for the game? You can always log in to their official site and know for a fact what you are up to in the game.

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Image courtesy of IGN/YouTube Screenshot

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