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‘Genshin Impact’ tips and tricks: Best Elemental Reactions to kill mobs with


Genshin Impact is not just about hack-and-slash gameplay as there’s a lot of strategy to it. For players that really want to master the game, it’s a must to take advantage of Elemental Reactions.

For the most part, Genshin Impact is a solid hack-and-slash game with many hidden mechanics. Elemental Reactions are one of the important aspects that players should always consider in the game. These occur if players are able to blend together the debuffs caused by the elements in the game.

There are several Elemental Reactions to know of in the game. Knowing the best of the best could be the key to winning the toughest battles.


The Superconductor Elemental Reaction is a mix between Electro and Cryo damage. First, players will need to throw a Cryo attack on enemies to get the chain going. Once the enemies in the area are affected by Cryo, players should throw an AoE Electro attack like Lisa’s basic to initiate Superconductor.

Superconductor deal AoE Cryo damage over time. On top of that, it drops the physical resistance of the target by 50%. To make it even more damaging, players should start the chain by dealing with Cryo damage to enemies who are infected by the Wet status effect so that they freeze first.


The Frozen Elemental Reaction is one of the most useful when it comes to large mobs. It’s even more effective because there are many sources of water around the game’s world and inside the dungeons.

Basically, players should attack the enemies with a Hydro attack first. Once the enemies have the Wet status effect, players should throw in a Cryo attack to freeze them temporarily. It’s one of the most basic reactions to do in Genshin Impact.


This is a vital skill to master as the main protagonist is an Anemo character. If players hit enemies with an Anemo attack, Swirl is initiated by following up with Pyro, Cryo, Hyrdo, or Electro damage. Swirl ramps up the elemental damage that enemies take, making it a crucial reaction to master too.

It’s great for taking down enemies with a huge health bar.

The Elemental Reactions are a player’s best friend in Genshin Impact. This may seem like a simple concept at first, but since there are many elements, it might be hard to find which ones to prioritize. This guide shows players what reactions they should aim for.

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