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‘Genshin Impact’: Top tier characters in the current version


miHoYo’s Genshin Impact features an amazing open-world that players are free to explore. However, it’s the memorable allies that make the game truly worth the time.

One of the charms of Genshin Impact is that there are a ton of characters to collect. The gacha system lets players get one or two of over 20 heroes when drawing. While each character has its own merits, there are a few that are a cut above the rest. Here are the best characters in the game so far.


Amber is the first character that players will get in the game. Stat-wise, Amber’s won’t grow as much as the other characters in the game. However, what she lacks in great stats, she makes up for in useability early on. Since her element is Pyro, Amber is capable of letting players access wood-locked chests early on.

Beyond that, they can also help finish a ton of environmental puzzles and obstacles. Her bow and arrow set up may not be useful for combat in the later stages of the game. However, she can still hold her own because of her headshot passive ability.


In the latter parts of the game, players may want to swap Amber with Fischl. She’s currently at the top tier list of the game. She’s a bow and arrow user, and her element is Electro. She’s at the top tier in terms of combat, exploration, and even bosses.

Her constellation bonuses allow her to deal heavy damage to a group of enemies. However, since she’s a top tier hero, players will need a lot of luck to get her through Genshin Impact’s gacha mechanics.


When it comes to support characters, players should try to get the Cryo element character, Qiqi. She’s the top tier support character in the game, and most of her assets rely on the buffs she can provide to the player.

Her most important skill is Fortune-Preserving Talisman. Enemies affected by this will allow players to heal themselves upon attacking. This is a must, especially when players are facing mobs of enemies.

Genshin Impact’s 20+ strong list of characters is already impressive on its own. Fans are hoping that the developers will continue to add more units soon as part of the fun is collecting them. These heroes above are at the current top-tier, so players should try to get them.

Image used courtesy of Genshin Impact/YouTube

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