‘Genshin Impact’ update order trailer showcases what’s to come

Genshin Impact is one of the best games released last month, and it’s a free one at that. What’s next for this massive free game that players can’t help but get their hands on?

There’s already a ton of content in Genshin Impact, but miHoYo is far from done with their work on the game. In fact, there’s a ton of new content coming. Just recently, the developers shared their content plan for the future, which shows off what’s coming and the order that they are arriving at.

Update order trailer revealed

The Mondstadt and Liyue regions are just a small portion of what makes up the game’s world called Teyvat. The new trailer shows the upcoming chapters in the game so that players can prepare themselves for what’s to come.

Beginning with the second act, players will soon get to the Inazuma region, which it the Electro region. The featured character in the region is Ayaka Kamisato. Following her is the Sumero region, which introduces the Dendro element and a new character named Cyno.

Next up is the Fontaine region, which is for the Hydro element. There are two new featured characters here, Lyney and Lynette. After the Hydro element is the Pyro element, which will be explored in the Natlan region. This will introduce a new character named Iansan.

Second to the last is the Snezhnaya region, which represents the Cryo element. The featured character her is Harbinger Pulcinella, who wasn’t fully revealed in the trailer.

The last region is the Khaen’riah region, which element is not yet listed. The character here is the Bough Keeper Dainsleif. Needless to say, Genshin Impact is in for some major changes.

What’s in these content update?

For the game, introducing a new region means a lot of things. Aside from characters, there will also be an entire new questline for players to complete. On top of that, there will be new temples, new enemies, and possibly new side quests as well.

Players can see the updates as more of an expansion. Based on the elements, it seems like these upcoming new regions are going to be very diversified too.

Genshin Impact is in for major updates in the future. miHoYo’s generous approach with the game is only drawing more players to the game. With a gacha system that’s fair, it’s likely that the number of players will continue to grow.

Image used courtesy of GenshinImpact/YouTube

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