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George Clooney, Amal Alamuddin divorce rumors: Actor ‘distressed’ while leaving home


George Clooney has, reportedly, left his shared home with Amal Alamuddin. Rumors are rife that the couple has been living separately for months already.

George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin are embroiled in another divorce rumors. According to  New Idea Magazine in its upcoming May 11, 2020 issue, George was spotted leaving their home. The two are allegedly already living in different homes.

George Clooney left his marital home with Amal

According to the publication, George Clooney was spotted looking distressed while leaving his shared home with Amal. The outlet cited that the global health crisis has put George and Amal under so much pressure.

Woman’s Day New Zealand also claimed the same. The Money Monster reportedly moved out of their love nest in March.

George was seen carrying his personal stuff in Los Angeles. He was later seen having dinner with his close pal, Rande Gerber.

“George has kept Rande up to date on how things haven’t been good with Amal for a while now,” an unidentified source said.

The same insider said that Rande assured George the latter could stay at his place if their marriage discussions become too intense.

The Batman & Robin star is more than welcome to join him and wife Cindy Crawford at their home in Malibu for as long as he wants. The source concluded that it wouldn’t be surprising if George was heading to Rande’s home with his backpack.

Amal and George’s $500 million divorce

This isn’t the first time George and Amal’s marriage is rumored to be on the rocks. Just recently, Globe also published a report claiming that the Ocean’s Eleven star and the humanitarian defense lawyer are heading to divorce.

The publication claimed that the two are used to spending time apart due to their occupations. However, they are forced to stick together due to the coronavirus lockdown. But George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin couldn’t stand each other in close quarters.

“George is not taking well to being bossed around,” the source said, alleging that Amal was bossy to her husband.

“And Amal’s finding it suffocating and tedious having to clean up after him,” the insider added.

How did George describe his relationship with Amal

George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin have never addressed the never-ending divorce rumors, but one should still take the report with a grain of salt. First, in contrast to the reports that they couldn’t stand each other, George was actually confident with their partnership.

In a previous interview with The Hollywood Reporter, George said that he was sure they were the “right couple” and “right team.”

“We were a team from right off the bat. Immediately, we felt we were just happy, and we have been happy ever since,” George said about his relationship with Amal.

Second, as mentioned, the two have been subjected to various rumors. Just recently, another outlet claimed that George and Amal are having another set of twins to save their marriage.

Amal already said that she’s done having kids because of her age. She admitted that she had kids “quite late.”

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