George Clooney asks Amal Clooney to marry him again amid fears they’ll divorce: Rumor

George Clooney asks Amal Clooney to marry him again amid fears they'll divorce: Rumor

George Clooney, allegedly, asked Amal Clooney if they could renew their vows last year for their fifth wedding anniversary.

According to National Enquirer, George Clooney that renewing their vows is the best way to show his wife that he’s committed to her for the rest of their lives. The tabloid published the story during the time when they and the other tabloids were claiming that the Clooneys were divorcing.

George Clooney invited several A-listers to his second wedding to Amal 
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George Clooney invited several A-listers to his second wedding to Amal

A source told the tabloid that the couple invited a lot of their friends to attend their renewal of vows. After all, most of their A-list friends weren’t able to attend their first wedding in Italy in 2014.

As such, George and Amal, allegedly, sent out invitations to Jennifer Aniston, Julia Roberts, and more. However, the tabloid’s claims are unlikely to be true.

Rumors debunked

Since the Clooneys are big names in Hollywood, their renewal of vows will most likely make frontpage news. But the fact that only tabloid reported about it proves that the claims were made-up.

Still, the tabloid insisted that even the couple’s twins will have huge participation at their second wedding. But once again, there’s not much proof to support the tabloid’s storyline.

George Clooney has been married to Amal for six years. And most of the time, their celebrations are kept private or with just a small group of their friends.

The rumor-debunking site also corrected the tabloid’s claims that George wanted to prove to Amal just how committed he is to their marriage. Gossip Cop said that this is a common narrative from the tabloids because they keep saying that the couple is having marital problems.

George Clooney, Amal Clooney marital problems, divorce rumors

In June, National Enquirer claimed that the couple is dating other people. The tabloid also previously claimed that the couple was fighting because of the actor’s love child.

Last year, the same tabloid claimed that Amal gave her husband an ultimatum to get rid of his beard, or she’ll leave him for good. The tabloid even published a photo of a heavily-bearded George to make it seem as though their claims are factual.

In May 2019, National Enquirer claimed that the human rights lawyer walked stormed out on her husband’s birthday. A source told the tabloid that the couple barely spoke at the party but they bickered nonstop on their way there.

However, none of these claims about George Clooney and his wife are true.

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