George Clooney bought lakeside residence for $14M, value upped to $100M

George Clooney quickly fell in love with his Lake Como lakeside residence the first time that he saw it.

In 2002, George Clooney decided to purchase the property, which is located in Laglio, Italy, for nearly $14 million. Almost two decades later, Closer Weekly revealed that the value of the lavish property is roughly around $100 million.

What’s inside George Clooney, Amal Clooney’s Lake Como house?

George and Amal Clooney’s lakeside residence features 25 rooms, a massive living area, and kitchen, formal dining rooms, walk-in closets, and more.

The property also houses an indoor gym, a private outdoor theater, a swimming pool, a tennis court, and a multi-car garage.

George Clooney quickly fell in love with the property

George Clooney quickly fell in love with the property

During a previous interview, the Ocean’s Eleven star admitted that he quickly fell in love with the beautiful property. Initially, George only planned to stay there a few times in a year.

“The purchase changed my life in a very pleasant and unexpected way. I realized how beautiful life was in Italy and how it really helped calm me and not feel so pressured,” he said.

A source who has been to the couple’s home told People that the Lake Como villa is spectacular. It’s also a wonderful place for their whole family.

The actor put Laglio on the map

Former Mayor Giuseppe Mantaro previously credited George for putting them on the map. The impact of George to the local population was so huge that the former mayor decided to make him an honorary citizen.

“Mr. Clooney has done so much in the way of putting us on the map. Before, if you typed Laglio into an internet search engine it would ask you if you meant Luglio – meaning July in Italian,” he said.

George’s neighbors are also, reportedly, very protective of the actor and his heart. They were, reportedly, unimpressed when he dated an Italian showgirl. The actor’s privacy is also, reportedly, fiercely guarded in Lake Como.

George gets to enjoy his private at his lakeside residence

According to sources, George loves his lakeside residence because he can do a lot of things when he’s there. Since he’s out of the limelight, he gets to enjoy a certain level of normalcy at home.

“He comes to Laglio mainly to recharge his batteries and wants to be treated like everyone else here…He likes nothing better than to pop into the bar for a quick drink and not to be treated like someone famous,” a source said.

Today, George Clooney and Amal still reside in Los Angeles because this is close to where the actor works.

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