George Clooney could lose $500M following Amal divorce due to prenup mistake: Rumor

George Clooney could lose $500M following Amal divorce due to prenup mistake: Rumor

George Clooney and Amal Clooney are, allegedly, divorcing, and the actor could lose half of his fortune due to an error that he committed years ago.

According to New Idea, George Clooney is at risk of losing $500 million because he refused to sign a prenup agreement with Amal before they tied the knot in 2014.

“If the rumors are true that they’re splitting, he’s facing serious financial problems and could lose more than half of his fortune. He’s going to have to go back to work. He hasn’t had a hit movie in years, so if Amal walks out with half his fortune or more and with his two kids, he’s going to have to start working on money-making projects only,” the source said.

George Clooney struggling to get cast in movies

But the problem with George is that he is no longer like the handsome and romantic lead star that he used to be. As such, he’s struggling to get cast in movies.

“His lawyers are trying to find a way around it, but if they have to file in the UK, where they are technically residents thanks to her citizenship, the fact they married there, and their Sonning home is their primary residence, he could be screwed,” the source said.

George Clooney
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George Clooney, Amal Clooney $500 million divorce

It seems that the amount of $500 million is easily attached to George Clooney.

Last month, National Enquirer claimed that George and Amal were heading for a $500 million divorce because they’ve been feuding nonstop due to the ongoing renovations of their home.

“These past few months have been hell on earth for the Clooneys. They’re stranded in a small area of the house where they can’t get out of each other’s hair. They’re fighting over everything. When it was just George and his pet pig, everything was cool with the neighbors. But he and Amal had to refurbish it for the kids and the project keeps derailing because of the pandemic. Their frustration is off the charts,” the source said.

Rumors debunked

However, one should take the tabloids’ claims with a grain of salt. George and Amal aren’t divorcing. And the Ocean’s Eleven actor doesn’t also have to worry about his losing his fortune even if he doesn’t star in movies in the next couple of years.

After all, George Clooney has been in the industry for decades. So, he and his entire family are most likely secured for life.

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