George Clooney on marrying wife Amal Alamuddin: ‘I picked right’

George Clooney spoke about his wife, Amal Alamuddin, in his recent interview and shared his feelings over five years after marrying her.

George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin have been married since 2014. Prior to meeting the human rights defense lawyer, the Money Monster star thought he would never get married again and have the chance of raising his own family. But Amal made him change his mind.

George Clooney picked the right partner for life

George Clooney sat for an interview with the Mirror and talked about his upcoming sci-fi/drama movie The Midnight Sky. During his interview, he also mentioned his lovely wife, Amal Clooney. He gushed at her by saying he picked the right spouse.

George is in his home in Hollywood Hills, where he, Amal, and their twins Alexander and Ella have spent the last ten months. They haven’t moved since February, and the 59-year-old star is enjoying his time with his family.

“There’s nothing more fun than sitting there in the morning with my kids singing in Italian and us making breakfast for them,” George said.

“I picked right when I picked Amal. It’s just the two of us having dinner together every night and we never run out of conversation. We couldn’t be happier with our lives and we couldn’t feel luckier.”

George is a hands-on husband and dad

During the same interview, George Clooney shared how he re-discovered his domestic and handyman skills now that he is home most of the time. According to the Ocean’s Eleven actor, he was a broke bachelor for a long time, and he did all the things he is doing today.

“I did my own laundry and washed dishes and mopped, and I painted the entire interior and exterior of my house. And now it’s just the four of us here and so I’m back to doing all of that,” George said.

George and Amal’s Christmas celebration

George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin will be spending Christmas in Los Angeles with their kids. He was happy about the progress in the COVID-19 vaccines, but they are not ready to travel yet.

“These drug companies have done an amazing job and we’re almost there so it would be really stupid to blow it now. So we’re staying here and we’ll do Christmas here,” George said.

George’s 48-pound weight loss

George Clooney also shared his 48-pound weight loss for The Midnight Sky. However, he was hospitalized four days before the filming scheduled due to a pancreatitis diagnosis. He experienced excruciating stomach pains and was rushed to the hospital.

Clooney also grew his beard for the movie. His son loved it and would hide things in it. However, his wife and daughter were happy when he finally shaved because “it was very hard to find a face underneath all that mess.”

The Midnight Sky was initially released on Dec. 2. It will premiere on Netflix on Dec. 23.

Image used courtesy of Andrea Raffin/Shutterstock

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