George Clooney reveals worst part of motorcycle accident that almost killed him

George Clooney reveals worst part of motorcycle accident that almost killed him

George Clooney revisited the motorcycle accident that happened to him two years ago and revealed the worst part of it.

George Clooney got into a serious accident in 2018. However, the Money Monster star was disappointed with the way the people reacted after witnessing the crash.

George Clooney speaks about motorcycle accident

The Midnight Sky actor appears on the cover of AARP the Magazine for its Feb./March issue. During the interview, the 59-year-old star spoke about the motorcycle accident that almost killed him in Sardinia, Italy, in 2018.

He was concerned about the people’s reaction because those who witnessed did not rush to help him. Instead, they were busy taking photos using their phones.

“I’m not a cynical guy, but I will always, always remember that moment, because nobody was jumping to go call for help or coming to help. For them the worst moment of my life was entertainment,” he was quoted by People as saying.

Clooney disapproved of the people obsessing on their mobile phones instead of helping those in need. So, he urged the public to put their phones down when needed. 

“People are getting killed because they’re taking a shot of a car crash coming toward them. We’re living in this world where everybody is trying to make themselves fascinating or important or something. When the reality is: Put that phone down!”

George talks about kids

George Clooney went on and talked about his twins Ella and Alexander. The Money Monster star explained that he didn’t want weird-a– names for his children. 

He also believed that his kids already have enough trouble because it’s difficult having famous and successful parents. To make his point clear, he mentioned how the sons of popular figures like Gregory Peck, Bing Crosby, and Paul Newman committed suicide. 

Clooney said he had an advantage because he is already old, and by the time his son would feel competitive, he would have retired.

Amal and George love exchanging letters

Meanwhile, George Clooney also mentioned exchanging letters with his wife, Amal Clooney, during the lockdown. Clooney loves to enjoy and slip letters on Amal’s desk. The humanitarian lawyer also writes letters for George and leaves them under the pillow.

The Ocean’s Eleven loves to keep letters. In fact, he keeps the letters he received from Paul Newman, Walter Cronkite, and Gregory Peck and had them framed. For him, texts feel different, and he believes that it was a “generation thing.” However, he didn’t close his doors for technology and said it would probably be different in the next two decades. At present, he prefers people to write him letters.


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