George Clooney threatening Amal Clooney with a $500 million divorce

George Clooney threatening Amal Clooney with a $500 million divorce

George Clooney is, allegedly, threatening his wife, Amal Clooney with a $500 million divorce.

According to Globe, George Clooney is planning on leaving Los Angeles for good. And he, allegedly, wants to stay in his lakeside mansion in Italy. However, when the actor his wife about his plans to relocate, Amal, allegedly, shut him down. As of late, no concrete pieces of evidence can confirm that these hearsays are correct as of this writing.

George Clooney allegedly missing his life in Lake Como

A source said that the Ocean’s Eleven actor feels bored in Los Angeles. And he misses the peace and quiet in Lake Como.

George has, allegedly, spent all his summer days in Italy since he bought the mansion. And his feet are getting itchy just thinking about the next time he could go back there.

Amal Clooney, George Clooney allegedly at each other’s throats

Amal Clooney, George Clooney allegedly at each other’s throats

The insider said that George has been encouraging Amal to relocate to Italy. But the human rights lawyer has started to become upset.

“Seeing George moaning about where he’d rather be is frustrating to Amal and it’s led to some serious bickering. Part of the problem, it’s just George and Amal and the kids in that house. The kids are doing great and have their own playhouse. But the parents are at each other’s throats,” the unnamed source said, as per Globe.

The source said that Amal isn’t also a fan of Los Angeles. But she knows that this is the safest place for them to stay in. But the source said that if Amal won’t agree to move with George and their twins, the actor will threaten her with a divorce.

“George and Amal are sick of each other. That’s why he needs to get away to Lake Como – by himself. It’s highly likely George will pack a bag and retreat back to Europe on his own at some point,” the source said.

Rumors debunked

Throughout the past couple of months, George and Amal, allegedly, fighting over the simplest of things have been a favorite narrative of various tabloids. However, their claims have never been proven.

And the fact that the tabloid’s claims are contradicting suggests that their story is made-up. Initially, the tabloid claimed that George wanted to relocate to Italy. And he’s convincing his wife to join him.

However, the tabloid also said that George Clooney wants to go to Lake Como to be away from Amal. And the storyline about George divorcing Amal for $500 million is also dubious and old.

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