Georges St-Pierre, lukewarm about a UFC return

Georges St-Pierre, lukewarm about a UFC return

UFC legend Georges St-Pierre isn’t sure whether or not he wants to make his return to the Octagon against an undefeated champion.

In the past decade, before the famous names of McGregor and Khabib were famous, there was George “Rush” St. Pierre. He was the most prized fighter in Dana White’s Octagon. However, St-Pierre has been known to turn his back against the organization abruptly.

St-Pierre did that twice, once in 2013, and another time in 2016. Now, he’s weighing the option of returning to fight. However, the UFC organization will need to move mountains to make this happen. They can’t afford another abrupt turnaround from the GSP.

George St-Pierre wants to fight Khabib Nurgadomedov

George is currently 39-year-old, which means that he’s several years detached from his prime fighting year. It also means that his body may be compromised or not at 100% anymore to fight. Nevertheless, GSP still has a possible UFC return at the back of his head. However, this return is conditioned to the fact that GSP only wants to fight Khabib.

The Canadian mixed martial artist is a self-proclaimed fan of Khabib. His camp has even tried to set up a fight against him three years ago. Unfortunately, the cards were stacked against him, and Dana White didn’t greenlight the fight. Now it seems like the rumors are rumbling again. GSP said,

“I was all in. I was trying to make the fight happen and the UFC didn’t want to do it. And now three years has passed by, I don’t know if the UFC is gonna change their mind. Even if the UFC want to make the fight, the stars need to be aligned.”

Unknown terrain for both fighters is a must

If this fight were to happen, GSP has another condition attached. He wants the fight to be in a weight class, which is foreign to both fighters. Otherwise, he said that he would be fighting with a handicap. GSP added,

“One of the principles of the art of war is to know the terrain. He knows the terrain. He fought at 155 his whole career. I do not. We need to find a place we could both not knowing the terrain.”

St-Pierre has been known to be a calm-minded person outside the Octagon. However, when the bell rings, he’s as ruthless as any other fighter that wants to prove that he’s the best. It will just be up to Dana White and his posse if the fight will happen. If it does, it has the potential to win the Fight of the Year award just because of the talent involved in the ring.

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