Gerard Butler ends his flirty relationship with Jennifer Aniston for Greek model: Rumor

Gerard Butler, allegedly, has his sights on Sofia Harmanda and not on Jennifer Aniston.

According to Star, Gerard Butler vowed to not fall in love. But he couldn’t resist Harmanda after they first met.

“Gerard vowed to take a break from love, but he found Sofia to be irresistible,” the source said.

Gerard Butler, Sofia Harmanda dating?

Since their first meeting, Butler and Harmanda’s relationship has, allegedly, become so much stronger and more serious.

And the Greek model even relocated to London to be closer to the actor.

“Sofia flies to Glasgow to spend weekends with him. She’s also met his mother, Margaret. This relationship seems to be moving quickly. But at his age, Gerard is really ready,” the source said.

Butler and Harmanda’s rumored relationship came on the heels of other speculations that the actor is flirting with Aniston.

Jennifer Aniston falls in love with Gerard Butler 

Jennifer Aniston falls in love with Gerard Butler

Just last week, Life & Style claimed that the Friends star is ready to fall in love. And she allegedly has her eyes set on three male personalities.

A source claimed that Aniston is drawn to her The Bounty Hunter co-star because of his flirtatious nature.

However, this is the same thing that’s discouraging Aniston from taking their budding romance to the next level.

“Gerard’s a very physical guy. He’s giving Jen massages, foot rubs – he has that touch and just does the right thing to get her mind off of everything and everyone else,” the source said.

Jennifer Aniston’s rumored relationship with her co-star

In October, Closer claimed that Aniston finally confirmed her relationship with Butler after learning that Brad Pitt has moved on with Nicole Poturalski.

“Jen has a lot of respect for Gerard and she has always looked back on their brief romance together and wondered ‘what if’ – but the timing just wasn’t right. Now they’re both single, Jen and Gerard met up at least during the lockdown and have been admitting they still have feelings for one another,” a source said.

However, there is no concrete proof that Aniston and Butler ever dated.

And there isn’t also any proof that the actor is dating the Greek model.

As such, one should take the rumors about Gerard Butler and his love life with a grain of salt.

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